Posted by: Silver | April 26, 2010

The adventure begins…

So, that’s it then. I’m on my way! Perhaps as well too: thanks to just about every delay imaginable, my original and rather modest (ie sensible) plan of simply emigrating to Canada has had far too much time in which to grow, pupate and finally metamorphose into the Grand Adventure that it has now become. If I’d left it any longer, who knows what manner of monster it might have turned into! I’m incredibly excited – of course I am – but it’s not quite that simple…

On Friday, I left a job I enjoyed and colleagues I loved working with; yesterday, I said goodbye to all my wonderful friends, locked up my flat for the last time, and left the city I know (and love) for people and places completely unknown. All for the best and most exciting reasons, of course, but that doesn’t mean there’s no sadness. Or exhaustion. At the moment in fact, there’s actually quite a bit of both. But it’s OK: the only way I could have avoided being sad would be to have avoided having such fantastic friends, and that’s a trade-off I would never have been prepared to make. And the exhaustion, well, I don’t know that there’s any way to avoid that in these sorts of situations, even if you don’t give up on sleep for your final week in an effort to bake enough cakes to reach your fundraising target! (I did reach it, btw… :-))

So now I’m here at my Mum’s, for a couple of weeks of R&R before the next stage of my journey – a chance to recharge my Mum batteries, as one of my friends so eloquently put it! Chances are there’ll be nothing terribly interesting to write about for a little while, so in the meantime, I throw this blog over to you: what would you like to read about as my journey progresses? What interests you? Please leave me a comment, and please do click on the ‘join in the journey’ button on the right if you’d like to continue following my adventure: the nice blog machine will then send you an email whenever a new post appears, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to visit, then remembering, only to discover that I haven’t had the chance to post anything new since the last time you looked anyway!



  1. Hi tana,

    I missed you at the end of last week as I was in York! I wanted to wish you well on your journey, enjoy your adventure, you will love is my second home and I am still homesick for the place, especially the north and the west. It was great working with you, I shall miss your cheery company. Keep in touch and go safely.
    Franc xx

  2. Hi Silver
    Sorry we had to rush off on Saturday. Enjoy your R & R before your long journey. I’m very excited for you.
    Regarding your blog, just write about anything that you see, the people you meet, the momentary feelings you have, etc. Just be spontaneous with your blog.
    What an adventure!
    Anna x

  3. Very sorry I missed your card and final burst of (banana) cake(s) but thanks for all you did for us ‘part tame’ staff and hope you have a great time.

    Splendid that you exceeded your Target too. Well done.

    All the best – good luck.

    Bob W.

  4. It’ll hit me most on Friday when there is no cake call – and when my fudge bag runs out.

    Mmmm….. fruit….. it’s lovely really….

  5. hiya,

    I’m really glad that you met your target and wish you all the best with your new journey. Also my waistbands need a little rest from all the cake!!!

    I will keep checking your blog,

    best of luck

  6. Hey Tana,
    Seeing you on Saturday reduced me to tears!!! What am i going to do without my daily dose of vitamin T+C (Tana and cake)?
    Good luck, keep in touch! Be careful out there and be ready to plan your next journey to New Zealand to visit me and Bean. Missing you already (i’ve just been informed that i have to pay my money to the people at the finance office to go to the Netherlands, made it really hit home). Enjoy your time with your mum. Take loads of photos and post them on the website (or email them).
    Hopefully hear from you soon

  7. omg tana im almost in tears now!!!!! definately gona miss u loads 😦 im gona be keeping tracks on what ur doing 😀 maybe take a detour and come see me and smoggi in new zealand when u finished, that would be awesome 😀 im gona be missing my orange cakes now 😦 but hope u have an awesome time and everything will be worth it, especially when u see them views and meet tons of new people.
    hopefully will get another blog soon!!
    love bean xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Hi Tana

    Sorry I missed you on your last day, i even brought money for cake!

    Have a great time and look forward to hearing of your adventures.

    Good luck

  9. We didn’t miss each other on the last day, Tana, I’m glad to say.

    Well done for the boldness of your adventure. I shall watch your progress with fascination.

    Go well


  10. Go well you, enjoy the days

  11. We’ll see you soon!


  12. Hey you – definately feeling the loss at ARU! oh vey. Please tell me about the food in Canada and any amusing cultural misunderstandings/language problems. Love you lots and thanks and well done and….. y’know, Abby

  13. Tana! I’m SO sorry w didn’t ever get a chance to have that tea and chat. Rest well and enjoy the time with your maman, the uni’s loss is Canada’s gain! I am so much looking forward to reading about my country and seeing it through your eyes. This is a wonderful thing you’re doing and I couldn’t be happier for you. All the very best from Kenya xoxo

    • Hi Ngaio! Lovely to hear from you, but sorry to hear that you’re STILL stuck in Kenya! And I believe the volcano has started up again this morning as well, so there’s currently no guarantee that I won’t get stuck in Blighty before my journey even starts! 😦

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