Posted by: Silver | May 11, 2010

Going home

No, I’ve still not gone yet, but I have been travelling nonetheless: this last week saw my Mum and me hopping on a train back to where I was born, for a few days of nostalgia. As the fields got smaller and the church spires got dirtier, it was clear we were leaving the agricultural East for the (post-)industrial North, and as we headed through the Pennines, I could feel my vowels flattening with every passing mile in which the landscape did the exact opposite. Oddly, I never actually had much of a Stockport accent when I was living there, but maybe this time – coming in from outside – some part of me felt the need to prove I wasn’t a stranger. Wonder what’ll happen to my accent when I disappear into Canada…?

Anyway, although I know they say you should never go back (anyone out there know who They are, btw?!), it was actually a thoroughly pleasant trip. We visited family and family friends I hadn’t seen for years, and they all expressed minimal surprise that I should be the one to come up with this mad plan… It’s nice to have people who know you so well 😉 We also went back to some of the parks where I used to play, and it was still just as lovely to visit them now, if not more so: I don’t think my child’s eyes had ever quite appreciated just how attractive the little local park behind our old house actually is. It certainly bodes well for my full appreciation of the landscapes I’ll soon be seeing in Canada, but I do hope some of my childhood’s innocent wonderment might still be there too.

Before we left, I wasn’t entirely sure why I so particularly wanted to go back ‘home’, and to be honest, I’m still not. But perhaps the latent gardener in me just wanted to be sure that my roots were firm and healthy before branching out to such a distance, and perhaps that’s reason enough. Anyway, I believe the inspection was entirely satisfactory, so that’s OK: I’m ready to go!



  1. Sometimes, going back IS just what you need when you’re heading for the unknown. You need a refresher course in your past, to reference the future. I’m glad you and your Mum had sure a nice time together, just the two of you…. Mother/daughter time. Having that memory, of the two of you, will help later on down the road.
    About the accent… don’t worry, you’ll never lose it! You will just add some “Canadian” to it!! Like your Dad with “American”! Looking forward to seeing you soon…. send me an email about food!

  2. you right beautifully, felt very emotional reading your post, think you did the right thing, touch base and then fly! cu laterex abby

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