Posted by: Silver | May 18, 2010


Ladies and gentlemen, meet my new best friend! For those of you interested in tech stuff, he’s a brand new ICE Adventure 3 recumbent trike with all standard specs except for the brakes (which were upgraded to Shimano XT hydraulic disks), and the tyres (which were upgraded to Schwalbe Marathon Plus). He also has a pair of 28l Radical side panniers (but wasn’t wearing them for this photo shoot), and in the fullness of time (otherwise known as ‘when we figure out how to attach it’) he will also have a Windwrap GX fairing.

Alternatively, for those of you for whom all of the above means absolutely nothing: his name is Ranger and he is the machine that’s hopefully going to get me from one side of Canada to the other in something at least vaguely resembling style and comfort.

I took him on his maiden voyage yesterday: all the way round the block and back. (Well, I didn’t want to wear him out on his first day, you know…) There are clearly a couple of minor teething problems that’ll need sorting out, and I’ll need to experiment to find the most comfortable riding position, but essentially, he’s everything I hoped he would be… except low-key. OK, so I knew I was never going to be most anonymous thing on the road, but I seemed to attract the attention of pretty much every single person I passed, and for someone who generally prefers to attract the attention of strangers as little as possible, that’s probably going to take as much getting used to as the mechanics of the trike. Of course, attracting the attention of car drivers is probably no bad thing: one would like to hope that noticing me is the first step towards not running me over, so I am currently in the process of adding numerous lights and reflecty bits to Ranger’s elegant frame until I feel I can do an acceptable impression of a Christmas tree on wheels… further photos will follow!



  1. Is it designed to attract the attention of bears?

    • Not designed to – noise is better for bringing your presence to the attention of bears, apparently – but if my singing isn’t enough to scare them witless, maybe the lights might help…

  2. Get Dad to show you the pictures of the car Nathan made for Christmas. It will give you something to aim for.

  3. Pleased to meet you, Ice!
    You look suitably comfy, charming and gothy for my friend Silver.
    Please do look after her in your travels.


    Does he do all the driving when you fall asleep, Silver? 😉

    • I am in the process of training Ranger at the moment, so I’ll let you know if he masters the art of taking over from me when I need a rest!

  4. Wicked wheels! You go girl! Have you thought of adding your blog/web address on him somewhere? Or perhaps a jaunty hat with the logo “blog me quick?”

  5. I want one! Seriously, I hope to ride across Northern Iowa in July with an ICE Adventure and across the U.S. in a year or so.

    • Hello Robert!
      Welcome to my web site: I hope you enjoy the ride! Good luck with your journeys too: let me know how the Adventure performs for you.
      Oh, and congratulations on being the very first person I don’t know personally to leave me a comment!

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