Posted by: Silver | May 25, 2010

My first crash

But I’m fine.

Thought I’d better start with that, since I know my Mum will be reading this…

Seriously though, it really was nothing major, and I only mention it at all because it raised a couple of issues that might be of interest to other newbie trikers:

It happened because my cycle computer jumped out of its bracket; not quite sure how it managed that, since I’d only just pulled away from traffic lights and therefore really wasn’t going very fast at all, but it did, and so I promptly ran over it. All this excitement caused me to instinctively slam on the brakes… which is how I learned just how powerful hydraulic disk brakes really are. I instantly stopped dead on the spot, causing the back of the trike to lift up and throw me off to the front. I’d been reading the ICE user manual earlier in the day, in which it states that, if you apply the brakes sharply, the rear wheel may rise up, and this, apparently, ‘can result in some loss of directional control’. I thought at the time that this sounded suspiciously underplayed, but I didn’t realise exactly how soon I would be proving that my suspicions were correct.

So, for any trikers reading this, here are my painfully-learned tips:

1) Make sure your cycle computer is very well secured to its mount, so it can’t exercise any random avian delusions it might have.

2) Be wise with your selection of brakes, and gentle with their use. Quite possibly, I will be very grateful for my hydraulic disks one day when I’m fully loaded, but – given how not very heavy I am – I am left wondering whether or not hydraulic disks might actually be too powerful when it’s only me and Ranger that they need to stop.

On the plus side, I can confirm that Garmin cycle computers are rugged enough to survive flying onto tarmac, then being run over (by a trike, at least), and that, if you crash, it is the clipless pedal binding that snaps, not your leg.

As for me, well, I’m sure I’ll survive: it was a pretty low-speed tumble after all. Although, I’m not saying my knee is swollen or anything, but I did spend last night dreaming of frozen peas…



  1. Eeek! Glad you’re okay Trouble!
    You might want to think more carefully about your post title!!!
    Try ‘I’m okay Mum!’ or ‘This one will scare you’ or the ultimate Mum worrier (and You’ve met my Mum, so you know how well this one works): ‘Ooops!’
    I’m sure your Mum is saying some rather unrepeatable words right now…
    Plus you used the words ‘First’ – that’s tempting fate, The Fates like a challenge!

  2. I hope your dreams of frozen peas were fulfilled!

    Meanwhile, are there no hydraulic brakes on your rear wheel?

    • Hi Nigel,
      Actually, it turned out my Dad had a proper cold compress in the freezer, so that did provide some relief; I’m still a little sore though – certainly, no training got done today 😦
      As for the brakes: no – ICE only put brakes on their front wheels. They’ve been making trikes for years though, so I’m assuming that they’ve come to the conclusion that this is the best configuration; maybe I’ve just been unlucky to encounter the disadvantage before the advantages! Would anyone from ICE like to come in with an explanation of why there are brakes only on the front wheels? Looks like there’s at least two of us who’d be interested to know!

  3. Hope the knee makes a speedy recovery. You obviously need to eat more of your own delicious cakes to keep this from happening again. Best wishes from all in ARU Library.

  4. Make that your first and ONLY crash!
    At least you’ve learnt something from that, and seem to be in cheerful spirits.
    Enjoy your future adventure – Good Luck, John.

  5. glad your ok!
    Better to learn on small tumbles as you so beautifully expressed, all fine here lots of love

  6. I’m in the midst of researching trikes & trying to understand all the options/upgrades, etc. So this brake info is really good for me to know – thank you! And, of course, glad that you’re OK 😉

    I gave up bike riding over a decade ago due to MS-related balance issues and I’ve recently discovered trikes. So excited to find a way to get cycling again. Hope to be able to get a trike in time to train for the MS150 in 2011.

    Thanks for sharing your adventures!

    • Hi Denise,
      Welcome to my blog! I’m glad you’re finding it useful 🙂 I plan to post some more thoughts on my experiences with Ranger as I get to know him better, so do sign up for the email alerts if you’d like to know more about the pros and cons I’m discovering as a fellow triking newbie! And the very best of luck for the MS150 next year: it’s such a shame you can’t take Luke with you though…

  7. Well, you appeared happy and healed when we met at REI. Noticed your fabulous black chariot outside and the brakes. The two discs are plenty w hydraulic force. Modulating pressure between front and back may jus be a chore -and pricier too! Anyway the configuration is well-engineered and works for my favorite new car: apteramotors. The kinetic and weight transfer dynamics are, well, good enough for you and any iditarod-scale loads you may haul! Best to you, Joseph

    • Hi Joseph,
      Good to meet you the other day; thanks for stopping by the blog – hope you enjoy it! The Aptera does indeed look cool, although a little out of my price range, I fear 😦 Have you reserved one? If so, you must stop by again and let me know what you think of it when you get it!

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