Posted by: Silver | June 7, 2010


For those of you who don’t know, or who haven’t worked it out, I’m actually in southern California at the moment. And the main reason I’m here is so I can spend some time with my Dad (who moved out here about 15 years ago) before I disappear into the wilds of Canada for however-long: my Mum Batteries may have been recharged, but for an undertaking of this scale, turbo-charging with Dad Power too seemed like a sensible idea. After all, unless something goes terribly wrong with my plans, I won’t be seeing either of my parents again for more than two years, so it was important to me to spend some ‘quality time’ with them before I go, simply because they are so important to me. Indeed, the fact that I have such a fantastic family is one of the main reasons why I chose SOS Children’s Villages as the charity I wanted to promote through my journey: I am so lucky to have had such a loving and supportive upbringing, that I really feel it is a tragedy that so many children around the world are having to grow up without that love and care. SOS Children’s Villages are doing all they can to provide new mothers and new hope for these children, so I’m doing all I can to support them! I’m quite sure I couldn’t have even contemplated the adventure I’m about to begin if it hadn’t been for my parents helping me to have the confidence to think differently and the courage to believe in myself, so thank you Mum, thank you Dad!

It was also very interesting to learn that pretty much everyone over here (I have a fairly impressive clutch of relatives on this side of the Pond too) has apparently been commenting on how happy I seem. Interesting, because my conscious brain is still well and truly stuck in pre-departure stress mode – worrying about last-minute arrangements that still need to be sorted out, teething troubles with the trike, and whether or not I’ll actually be physically capable of managing all those miles – but it would appear that other people are maybe seeing something deeper: perhaps an underlying current of contentedness that, after all the setbacks and frustrations, I’m finally on my way to being what I want to be. Interesting too, that it would seem I appear happiest when technically jobless and homeless – but then, I suppose I never was conventional…



  1. “…happiest when technically jobless and homeless” – for a while you’re free of some of those constant irritations and worries which go with conventional jobs and homes.
    “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose” (Kristofferson). You’ve created an opportunity to broaden your own horizons and do something worthwhile at the same time – make the most of it! You’ll have loads of ups and downs (but hopefully no more bike crashes!) on the way, but whatever, you’ll look back and be glad you did it.
    Love (and just a little bit of envy), John.

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