Posted by: Silver | June 14, 2010

Time to go

Well, the title says it all. Ranger has been folded up and packed up, along with the 10-or-so kilos of gear that will soon constitute the sum total of my worldly goods, and in exactly twelve hours’ time, my step-brother will arrive to take me to the airport, from where I will catch my flight to CANADA!

For those of you feeling envious of how excited I must be though, let me reassure you: it really isn’t like that. As my brother (ever the voice of reason) pointed out earlier today, the brain has to have at least some idea of what’s coming before it can get excited about it; unknowns are simply stressful. And there’s a whole heaping pile of unknowns looming up in front of me at this moment. I’m extremely fortunate to have access to the miraculous stress-soothing powers of a hot tub in the back yard, so I’m now feeling slightly calmer (and damper) than I have been for most of the day, but excited? Not yet, I’m afraid…

But don’t let that lead you into thinking I’m not looking forward to the whole experience: I’m still 100% sure I want to do this, and maybe once I know that Ranger has survived the tender mercies of the airport baggage handlers, maybe once I know my legs have survived the first 100-mile cycling day, maybe then I’ll know it’s OK to get excited too.

Anyway, regardless of how I’m feeling about it, when you next hear from me, it will have begun!



  1. I suspect, T., that it may be more important to wish Ranger well than you! Safe journey, Nigel.

  2. WOO!! Best of luck for the journey ahead Silver, and please do keep in touch with us all! You are so very amazing and SUCH an inspiration!

    *Hugs* missing you lots, Cambridge isn’t the same without you. But I’m so glad you’re finally on your way. 🙂

    Take very great care of yourself, I can’t wait to read your next update!

    With love


  3. It is a pleasure to read your blog. Good luck and a save journey! Love from Anna

  4. Good luck Tana – can’t wait for the next blog. Have just set Hilary and Hana off on their African adventure – everyone around me seems to be off doing exciting things. Take care,

    Cass xx

  5. Go Silver!
    I hope your knee issues and foot hotspots are all resolved (wait, those are my issues!).
    I look forward to reading your posts.

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