Posted by: Silver | July 21, 2010

The map page is finally worth visiting

As many of you have hopefully noticed, there has been a ‘map’ page on this site since I first created it; until now, though, it was nothing more than a simple Google map of Canada. However, if you were so bold as to visit the page again now, you would discover that the map has sprouted several little blue spots and wiggles. It was always my intention to plot the route of my journey on the map, but it has taken me until now to actually do so: I have no excuse for this tardiness – I simply didn’t get round to it before (something to do with completely changing my way of life or something, perhaps…. I don’t know…) Anyway, now it’s all set up and started, hopefully I will be a little more diligent about keeping it up to date, so for those of you interested in following where I’m going, the map page is the place to go!

NB You may need to move around the map a bit and/or change the scale in order to find me (by way of a clue, I’m currently somewhere in the top left-hand corner of the country!), but do let me know if you can’t find the route at all, as that may mean I’ve done something wrong in the setting up!



  1. Yay! The map is working! You’ve only been in a very little bit of Canada so far, haven’t you. Does it feel like that?

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