Posted by: Silver | July 30, 2010

Lake Laberge to Dawson City

I appreciate that some of you might consider this cheating, but for the 500-odd kilometres between Lake Laberge and my next hosts in Dawson City, I got a lift. This is a volunteering journey after all, not a cycling challenge, and cycling such a long distance would only have taken time away from helping people. Besides, I’m a wimp, and 500 km is a really long way…

So instead, I rode the route with the lovely Joost of Nature Tours of Yukon. He was so inspired by my journey that he was determined to do whatever he could to help me on my way, including bumping his way down the previously-mentioned dirt track to my hosts in order to collect me. He runs canoeing trips down the Yukon River so was going to Dawson anyway to pick up canoes, and so I comforted myself that I was not creating any additional environmental impact by making this particular journey by internal combustion engine. The purpose of his journey also meant that he was driving a van big enough to accommodate Ranger without the need for any folding at all, which – after my airline odyssey – was truly a breath of fresh air! Joost was a most interesting and informative chauffeur, having immigrated to Canada himself only a few years ago (from the Netherlands), and not only drove me all the way to Dawson, but gave me a little guided tour of the town as well so I could get an idea of what there was to see. Add to that the fact that it rained fairly heavily for a good portion of our journey, and I’m sure it’s easy to imagine just how grateful I was for his generosity and assistance; thank you, Joost!



  1. Hi Silver,

    It was my pleasure ! Hope you enjoy your stay in Dawson City !

    Cheers, Joost

  2. sounds like a good plan to me! Just back from the US of A myself (fabulous – my first international symposium) glad its all going well, you are still much missed at ARU – tons of love abby and co xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoooxoxoxooxoxoxooxo

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