Posted by: Silver | August 24, 2010

Note for Completists

Just in case any of you are losing sleep over the apparent holes in the account of my journey so far, here are the missing pieces:

From Dawson City to my placement in Mayo, I once again got a lift. I had planned to cycle at least part of the way, but my host just happened to be going to Mayo himself on the appropriate day and so, in view of the amount of construction (ie difficult-to-cycle unpaved road surfaces) on that stretch of road, I elected to take the ride he offered. Thank you, John!

Mayo to Pelly Crossing was also accomplished by motor vehicle: my host very kindly gave me a lift simply to reduce the distance to the nearest B&B (in Carmacks) down to something I could at least stand a chance of completing before nightfall (yes, the Yukon was just about starting to have a nightfall again by then). Thank you, Norma!

Lake Laberge to Whitehorse was another planned cycle ride that turned into a lift: I was actually in my cycling gear and all ready to go, but at the very last minute, my host got a phone call which resulted in a need for her to go into town, and since this was the very next day after the two-day headwind caper, I wasn’t about to turn down her offer of a lift. Thank you, Susan!

So there you have it: all holes filled with conclusive proof that this is not a cycle challenge!

(Oh, and in case any of you are feeling confused by temporal disturbances: the ‘Fringe Benefits’ entry does, in fact, refer to the time immediately prior to the ‘Pelly Crossing to Lake Laberge’ section of my journey. Things got a little bit out of sequence while my access to the internet was minimal, so apologies for that.)



  1. If you’re not careful your poor trike will get jealous and start sulking – think how hurt it must have felt, what with you all ready in your cycling gear and then jumping into a car like that.
    Better give it some oil and talk nicely to it!
    Cheers, John.
    P.S. We’ve had a pic of the trike, but not of you actually on it, unless I missed it somehow. So there’s a special request – can’t have that privilege restricted to Canadians only.

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