Posted by: Silver | September 6, 2010

Tlell to Sointula

Given the number of islands off the west coast of British Columbia, ferries are pretty much a way of life, and so it was thanks to three more that I made my way to my next placement. First was the overnight ferry back to the mainland from Skidegate, which I arrived at just as the first colourful sunset I’d seen on Haida Gwaii turned the eastern sky pink (yes, the eastern sky: it would seem that this was the only place where there was a sufficient break in the clouds for the light to get reflected through!) Early the following morning, I connected onto the ferry that would take me down the remainder of the Inside Passage, to Port Hardy on Vancouver Island. This time, the weather was more what one would perhaps expect for this region – low cloud and mist – but the lack of sun didn’t actually detract from the beauty of the scenery at all: it merely took on a different, more mystically attractive guise.

After an overnight stop in Port Hardy (the ferry didn’t get in until 10.30 at night, so I wasn’t about to cycle off to my next host at that point), my journey continued on dry land for about 40 km, so Ranger was able to get some more exercise, and draw the attention and conversation of some more people who now know all about SOS Children’s Villages as well as trikes! Once again, the journey was nothing but pleasant, and – contrary to what other (two-wheel) cyclists had led me to believe about highway 19 – all the drivers who passed me were very considerate and courteous, giving me a wide berth as they overtook. I strongly suspect that the trike is a superb asset in this respect: I look a lot wider than a normal bike (even though I’m actually not much wider than the average set of handlebars), so drivers don’t make the mistake of thinking they can just sneak past me without having to pull out at all.

And then it was onto the final ferry of the journey: the half-hour hop over to Sointula on Malcolm Island. The moment I disembarked from the ferry, I got a really good feeling about Sointula, and this feeling was to continue…

Sunset off the east coast of Haida Gwaii

Magically mystical misty morning mountains



  1. Beautiful as ever! It seems it has jsut dawned on me that you are in Canada – you should of course sign up to SOS Children Canada’s newsletter, if you haven’t already done so! See

    all the best,

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