Posted by: Silver | September 18, 2010

Wish list

A bit of blatant begging in today’s entry, but hey, there’s no harm in asking, so…

Does anyone out there know anyone who produces promotional pennants?! People really do notice the trike, and if only I could fly an ‘SOS Children’s Villages’ flag underneath my safety flag, I’m sure they would notice that too. It would certainly make it easier to bring the charity into the numerous conversations I end up having with people who approach me because of Ranger. So, if anyone thinks they might know someone who might be prepared to make me one (‘free of charge’ being the catch, of course!), please get in touch and I’ll happily supply the details!

Also, does anyone happen to have a lonely, superseded-but-still-reliable iPod languishing in a drawer somewhere that they’d be prepared to post to me on loan for my journey (or at least until Christmas ;-))? My current hand-me-down model has always been a bit temperamental, but its tendency to randomly stop mid-song left me with only two choices on my rainy cycling day: either scrabble around under my rain jacket to find it and press play again (very dangerous), or continue on with no more music (very miserable). My parents will doubtless be glad to hear that I plumped for the latter option, but it was miserable…

PS The Sointula pictures are now online – scroll back to 8th September to take a look!



  1. Hi, I would be prepared to make a pennant for you. Is this logo ok?

    Does it need to be triangular (or more so than example)?
    Is 47.5 x 13 cms ok for size?
    Obviously I would need to know details of how it is to be affixed to mast.
    Contact me with details at

    • How serendipitously splendid!! That’s fantastic of you, and yes: the logo is spot on, especially with the orange background – it’ll be like having a second safety flag! 47.5cm is probably a bit too large though: would it be OK to do a 2/3 size version (ie approx. 32cm long), inside an isosceles triangle with a base (ie the side that will attach to the pole) of 18cm? As for attaching it to my pole, I would just need a couple of cms extra on the bottom of the triangle that I could wrap round and glue to the pole. Does this all sound do-able? Hope it won’t be too much trouble, and thank you again for your extremely kind offer!!

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