Posted by: Silver | September 27, 2010

What do you think of it so far?

Well, this blog has been going for about five months now, so I just thought I would take a moment to ask you all – especially those of you who don’t normally leave comments – if I’m telling you what you want to hear! Are you enjoying the entries I’m posting? Or am I boring you all with uninteresting titbits? Are there things that I’m not mentioning that you’d love to hear more about? This blog is for you, dear readers, so do let me know what you want to know!

(Incidentally, just in case anyone is interested: the new header photo was taken on Tow Hill, at the very northern tip of Haida Gwaii. I hope it gives a suitably British Columbian feel to my ongoing posts…!)



  1. I was wondering about what you are going to do about winter? Ya it’s no fun and in the mountains it will be here sooner. Are you going to go home for the winter and wait it out?
    Your blog is interesting but I always like to see more photos if possible. I followed another persons trek across the US and it was fun to hear what went on in his daily trials.
    Anyhoo, good luck and stay safe.
    / Chris from Edmonton/AB

    • Hi Chris,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment, and welcome to the blog! Winter will definitely be a ‘play it by ear’ affair: for as long as it remains practical and safe to cycle, I’ll carry on cycling; as and when the weather gets just way too ridiculous though, I’ll find other means of transport (I already know I’ll be getting a train through the Rockies, for example, since that bit of my journey will be in December). No plans to turn tail and hide though: after all, I’m a Canadian now, eh? Gotta learn to do winter!
      I’ll see what I can do about posting more photos (a couple of people have mentioned this), although I’m not a very good photographer, so sometimes there are very few decent photos to post!

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