Posted by: Silver | October 18, 2010

Saanich to Galiano Island

Once again, the weather gods decided to favour me instead of the forecasters, and my travelling day dawned bright and clear. I didn’t want to test their patience, however, so decided to leave earlier than I strictly needed to, just in case they changed their minds… And it was a very good job I did, not because of the weather (which remained beautifully sunny all day), but because it only took until the bottom of my host’s drive to realise that all was not well with Ranger.

The unpleasant noise from his rear end was eventually identified as the luggage rack scraping on his rear wheel: the struts that are supposed to keep the rack aloft had worked themselves loose and the addition of my fully-loaded packs had obviously proved too much for them. I would refer you back to my earlier entry about everything on the trike wanting to wiggle its way to freedom, but on this occasion, I have a horrible feeling that I actually put the bolts in the wrong way round when I first reconstructed Ranger after his time in a shipping box. If this is the case, then it’s just pretty amazing that it’s taken until now to cause a problem! Anyway, with the kind help of my host and his toolbox, the problem was fairly swiftly sorted and I was still on my way in plenty of time to catch the ferry (yes, another journey involving a ferry! It really is quite hard to avoid them round here).

The rest of the journey was pleasantly uneventful, if slightly psychologically disorientating: most of the Saanich peninsula conforms to the ‘very English’ appearance on which I’ve commented before, but riding into Sidney (a small town near the ferry terminal), it felt like I was back at my Dad’s in southern California – complete with warm sunshine!

The ride itself was very short this week, but I can’t say exactly how short, as my Garmin froze after the first 40 minutes (I was going to say ‘crashed’, but decided this probably wasn’t a very auspicious word to use in an entry about a cycle ride…). It seems to be working OK again now though, so hopefully it was just one of those momentary glitches that all technology has from time to time…

An interesting feature seen a lot on my travels around this area: prettified utility cabinets (or whatever they're called!)

Moonrise as I left Vancouver Island for the final time



  1. Hello Tana,
    even though i cannot always make the time to read your posts (well written, though!), i always check out the pictures. – hopefully i can submit my thesis in 2-3 weeks, hence the lack of time.
    enjoy every second of your experience, daisy

  2. Hi
    Just thought I get in touch again. Glad to hear Ranger is fixed again 🙂
    Here things are okay, will meet girls on B’s birthday (27 NOv) otherwise work’s mad with a change of bosses, the CEO has quit, we have an interim one now who works in Paris.
    So you can imagine the fun I have now.
    Still better this way then being jobless.
    Hope you are okay otherwise, keep those entries coming (very well written !!)
    Take care

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