Posted by: Silver | October 23, 2010

Galiano Island to Fort Langley

And so, with one final ferry ride back to the mainland, I said my goodbyes to the ocean and turned my head inland.

Fortunately (especially in view of my last entry), it was destined to be a fairly short ride this time: less than 60 km from the ferry terminal to my hosts’ farm in Fort Langley.
Unfortunately, the route that both my hosts and google gave me once again guided me towards a ‘cyclists prohibited’ highway (Highway 99).
Fortunately, there was a tourist information centre just the other side of the intersection.
Unfortunately, it was closed.
Fortunately, a chap in cycling gear just happened to be tending to his bike in the car park.
Unfortunately, his ‘local’ advice sent me on a 20 km detour that included a 3 km long, 11% uphill slope.
Fortunately, the weather was glorious once again and my energy held up OK.

So much for taking local advice though, eh?! Amusingly, a chap on the ferry had complimented me on the lack of electronic wizardry on my trike: “So good to see you’re not weighed down with all those gizmos that no-one actually needs, like GPS”, he said (my Garmin was in my pocket at the time and I hadn’t the heart to disabuse him of his admiration); if it hadn’t been for my GPS, however, I would quite possibly still be wandering the back streets of Surrey at this moment…

The ferry terminal on Galiano Island: time to say goodbye to the sea...

The scenery as I headed away from the Vancouver ferry terminal was unexpectedly rural, attractive... and flat! Guess there could be a reason the area's called 'Delta'

Another picture for Amy: large, crane-like bird (that I would doubtless be able to identify more precisely if my bird identification software hadn't crashed!), happily wandering around right by the highway

And for 'Gitwizard', who requested more bike pics: this is Ranger enjoying the view in Deas Island Park, where I stopped for lunch

Fortunately, the detour did take me past some fairly impressive scenery: the Fraser River with the coast mountains in the background - I don't have to climb any of those, do I?!

Unfortunately, my journey also took me through slightly less stunning vistas than I've grown used to...

It was a tiny bit later than I expected when I finally arrived in Fort Langley...



  1. Hey Silver,
    Great images, they remind me how beautiful the Pacific Coast and the islands are. However, I am astound we’re in the same country at this very time. It looks like summertime where your travels took you …… while up here the alcohol (yep, all other things freeze) already drops to -14ºC during nights and we have snow about every other day since late September. Anyway, although winter is great, enjoy the sunshine while getting some rest, eh !
    Take care !!

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