Posted by: Silver | November 1, 2010


After resisting for a long, long time, I’ve finally been persuaded that joining Facebook could be a good way of letting more people know about SOS Children’s Villages, so if you search there for Tana Silverland, you’ll now find me! You’ll also notice that a ‘share on Facebook’ button has appeared here on my blog. Obviously, I’m still a complete ignoramus about how this whole thing works, but I am led to believe that if all of you out there ‘share’ my blog (or my Facebook page, or ‘friend’ me, or something…) with all your Facebook friends, and cajole them into doing the same with all their friends, suddenly huge numbers of new people will know that SOS Children’s Villages exists, and that would certainly be very cool 🙂 So, all you avid Facebookers out there: please go ahead and spread the word!! And if you feel like offering me a couple of lessons in effective Facebooking as well, I’m certainly a very receptive learner!


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