Posted by: Silver | November 11, 2010

Mutual Support

Wwoofing is about helping people – people who are helping the environment by growing things organically. So each time I arrive in a new place, I expect to be the helper. In Hope, however, the tables were turned, as my host here decided it was more important for him to help me with my journey than for me to help him with his garden! I still raked a respectable number of leaves, converting my host to the cause of leaf mould in the process, and demonstrated how cheap it was to make chutney after he lamented how expensive it was to buy, but mostly, the tasks my host gave me consisted of resting, relaxing and recovering my energy while he got me hooked up with the local newspaper, the head of the chamber of commerce and anyone else he could think of who might be able to help me further spread the word about SOS Children’s Villages! (He also happened to know the lady who runs the local fudge shop, but that particular meeting was definitely of more benefit to me than the charity, I think… ;-))

I was quite overwhelmed by his generosity and thoughtfulness, and being the ‘helpee’ rather than the ‘helper’ actually took a little getting used to after so long on the wwoofing road, but his enthusiasm and passion for what I’m trying to do out here really re-strengthened my resolve to go the extra mile (perhaps literally!) to ensure that my journey brings as much benefit as possible to the children in SOS’s care.

It’s also thanks to him that I’m now on Facebook, so to any of my new Facebook friends who may be reading this: welcome to my blog, and thank you for your support! Don’t forget to share this link with all your Facebook friends too, though (there should be a ‘share’ button at the bottom of this entry, after the photos): my journey is all about making sure as many people as possible get to hear about SOS Children’s Villages, so please spread the word!!

Just to add to the benefits of this placement, Hope was also a stunningly beautiful place in which to regroup, but I’ll let the photos tell you about that…

Hope is undeniably a tourist town (the photo shows the place where all the international tour buses stop), but it seems to have managed to avoid the worst excesses of such places

The Coquihalla River, just east of Hope

The Japanese friendship garden in Hope town centre: the internment camp where Japanese-Candians were sent during WWII was just down the road...

More beautiful autumnal foliage, and I'm not even in the best part of Canada for such things!



  1. Nice one Tana – you are most entitled to a bit of help and r and r too – make sure you do stuff for you too and continue to enjoy – all good here, tons of love abby x

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