Posted by: Silver | November 28, 2010

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

(OK, so it’d take a fair amount of imagination to actually get away with describing my locks as golden, but I seem to remember I was imaginative enough to do so when I was little, and it suits my purposes to do so again now… ;-))

The bears in question had been around for a few days: a mother and two cubs, inexplicably wandering around Othello instead of hibernating. Our neighbour had seen them, my host had seen them, but as always seems to be the case on this journey, I had not. Footprints in the snow indicated that they’d even sauntered right up to my bedroom window, but of course, I was in the living room at the time…

As luck would have it, however, my host had just installed a motion detector in his driveway, so when it went off unexpectedly a few days ago, we grabbed our cameras and ran. Or, to be more precise, my host ran and I followed somewhat gingerly, simply repeating to myself that I was sure he knew what he was doing. Fortunately, it would appear that he did, and I was granted the tremendous privilege of spending a good few minutes watching the young family having a good old scratch against a fence post before padding away into the snow. It really was quite a mind-blowing experience: all the dread warnings I’d received about the danger of bears in this country crashing headfirst into a gentle and touching scene of a family at play. They were certainly aware that we were there, but we kept a respectful distance, and that seemed to be OK by them.

We’ve not seen them since, so hopefully they’ve now found somewhere warm and cosy to cuddle up for the winter. I do hope so, but I am also a little sad that I probably won’t ever see them again…

For a while, these footprints outside my window were the closest I got to seeing the bears

Mummy bear having a really good scratch

Then it was baby's turn

And then they were gone...



  1. a great story teller… love it!
    And is that a hanging ornament in the window or is it Graham’s friend that hangs around??

    • Hi Cora!
      Thanks for the compliment – it really was quite a magical moment, so I’m glad I seem to have managed to convey that.
      It’s a stick-on window decoration that you can see in the photo: capturing a picture of Graham’s friend would have been an entirely different blog entry!! 😉

  2. How amazing!
    I can nearly (ok, not very nearly) picture them here, as Cambridge is covered in a slight dust of snow this morning!

  3. Brilliant! The bears must think the posts were erected just for them. There really ought to be a BIG post, a middle-sized post, and a tiny little post.

    Mind you, don’t go having a scratch there yourself or they might get cross! They might not be able to ‘bear’ such a thing…

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