Posted by: Silver | December 20, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Those of you who read of my flight to ‘sunny’ southern California with envy may be slightly mollified to hear that it has been raining almost non-stop for the past three days here. Perhaps I shouldn’t have announced my lack of belief in the weather gods quite so publicly in my earlier blog entry: I suspect they are now punishing me 😉 Of course, it does rain in southern California every now and again, and winter is the usual time for it to do so, but apparently, this much rain at this time of year is unusual. Thus, clearly there can be only two possible explanations for this phenomenon: either the weather gods are displeased by my lack of faith, or, as earlier hypothesized, I am, in fact, a Rain Goddess.

Either way though, the wet stuff does seem to have stopped for the moment, so I’m allowing myself to hold out at least small hopes of seeing something of the lunar eclipse tonight, and undoubtedly, the sunshine will return again before too long, so you’ll all be able to go back to being insanely envious soon enough. 😉

The unusual weather, coupled with the Californian propensity for driving everywhere, did lead to a rather amusing incident, however: as I was walking back from the grocery store, umbrella in hand, I met another pedestrian coming towards me, also carrying quite a large umbrella. As we approached each other, she looked slightly sheepish and asked, “OK, so what’s the protocol here then?!”. I realised that, despite looking to be about the same age as me, it was entirely possible that this was the first time she had ever had to pass someone on the sidewalk whilst both parties were carrying an umbrella…!


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