Posted by: Silver | January 27, 2011

Back in the (not at all) frozen North

Greetings once again from Canada! Yes, I’m back north of the border after my enforced winter-weather break: I returned yesterday – by plane, I’m ashamed to say. (I do my very best to be as eco-friendly as possible, but when the ground-based alternative takes ten times as long and costs over 30% more, even a dedicated eco-soul like me is going to get tempted away from the straight and narrow, I fear… :-() Vancouver was bright and sunny and by no means freezing when I arrived (it was actually a very respectable 11ºC), and as the plane descended over the Strait of Georgia and I saw the Gulf Islands and Coast Mountains once more, I couldn’t help breaking into a smile: California had been lovely, but it was good to be ‘home’. 🙂

The weather is currently entirely and enticingly suitable for cycling, but the winter isn’t reliably over just yet, so for the next few weeks, I’m continuing to stay put and bide my time: I’m actually house-sitting for the good folks in the Alberni Valley with whom I volunteered last September, while they take a well-earned vacation. I have, however, been re-united with Ranger, so once I’ve given him a good post-storage once-over, I will at least be able to head out on some local rides again; it is indeed good to be home. 🙂

PS Apologies for the non-appearance of the promised further gear reviews: I finally succumbed to the inevitable winter lurgy last week, so have been busy nursing my sniffles. I do still intend to inflict some more of my opinions on you all at some point in the not-too-distant future, however…



  1. Hope you feel better soon! And I’m looking forward to the product reviews.

  2. Thanks, Denise! It’s just a cold, so I’m sure I’ll be right as rain again in no time 🙂 Is there any gear you’re particularly interested to hear about? Where are you up to in your decision-making / buying process?

  3. Hey there,

    I want to hear about *everything* – I’m a glutton that way ;0)

    I bought a 2006 ICE QNT. I petitioned to ride her in the NYC Marathon as reasonable accommodation for a disability, and though it was a long ordeal, I finally got in! It was an experience of a lifetime, I have to say. My time was 3:36:46, not bad for someone w/only 3 months of actual trike riding experience – and I got to make a little piece of history being the 1st person to do the marathon via recumbent trike. :::very exciting:::

    Now, I’m considering changing out the rear section of the QNT so that I can have the Compact Twist Fold feature. Not being able to transport the trike w/o my husband’s SUV (which I can use only on the weekends) has become a real issue. I want to be able to ride any day of the week, especially right now when the whether is so gorgeous in TX. For someone whose MS symptoms worsen in heat and humidity, these days in the 50s and 60s are prime riding time for me and I don’t want to miss any more than I have to. Plus, my next goal is the MS 150, so I need all the training miles I can get!

    I’m still hoping we’ll get to ride together someday 😉 Take care ~

  4. OK, everything it is then!

    Many, many congrats on the NY Marathon – that’s utterly fantastic!!

    Being able to fold the trike is certainly an advantage – although I’ve used the feature less than I anticipated up here where everyone seems to have a pick-up! As I mentioned in relation to my thwarted winter contingency plans, though, don’t start having any dreams of hopping on a Greyhound bus with your trike, even folded up: they are definitely not trike-friendly 😦 Good luck getting out and making the most of the weather, and making the MS 150! Does the ‘150’ mean 150 miles? That’s quite the distance!!

    My Dad always says a vegetarian would starve in Texas: proving him wrong sounds like more than a good enough excuse to make *sure* I come over to ride with you some time 😉 Please forgive the incredibly indelicate question, but are you reasonably likely to still be around and triking in two years’ time when I’ve finished crossing Canada? Or do we need to try and find some way of making sure it’s sooner?

  5. Yes, it’s 150 miles, spread out over two days. Some of the Bike MS 150 events have the option of doing shorter distances – 30, 50 or 75 miles – to enable more riders of varying levels. I’ll either do the 50 or 75 the first time, since 30 wouldn’t be a true challenge after the 26.5 of the NYC Marathon.

    I should certainly still be around and triking in a couple years. The only thing that will stop (or I should say “pause”) me are the inevitable knee and hip replacements. But hopefully those are a good 5 – 10 years off. :::fingers crossed:::

    Keep in touch!


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