Posted by: Silver | February 1, 2011

Gear Reviews: Clothing

As promised, here are some more thoughts on the stuff I’ve been porting around Canada so far (now that both a functioning internet connection and power supply have been restored to the farm!):

Giro Atmos helmet
“If it’s good enough for Lance Armstrong, it’s good enough for me”, I thought. And you know what? I was right! This helmet is so light, there have actually been a couple of times when I’ve had to double-check I really was wearing it, and I’ve never felt like my head was over-heating, even in the 30-degree heat of the Yukon summer. I am very happy to report that I am completely unable to offer any insight into how it performs in the event of a crash, but it meets all the necessary safety standards, so it’s certainly not going to be any worse than any other. Yes, it’s not the cheapest helmet on the market, but I flattered myself that my brain was worth at least $175 – on a good day, anyway…

Lake MX170 cycling shoes
Another choice with which I am very satisfied. As previously mentioned, clipless pedals are pretty much essential on a recumbent trike, so dedicated cycling shoes are equally a must. The MX170s have the advantage of being mountain biking shoes, however, which means the cleats are recessed into the tread of the sole, which means that, when you have to get off your trike, you can just about walk without looking totally like a duck. The BOA lacing system is also really handy: very comfortable, streamlined, durable (so far!) and easy on-and-off. One thing to point out though: the adjusting knob for the lacing system adds a bit of length to the back of your shoe and if you happen to have short legs and big feet (like me!) you could find your knobs colliding with your crossbar (please keep any alternative interpretations of this sentence to yourselves; thank you…). I (or rather Shon, the nice chap at Edge Cyclesports) managed to solve this for me by simply moving the cleats back a bit (thus moving the shoes forward a little in relation to the trike frame), but it’s worth bearing in mind if you think your proportions might lead to problems.

Bionic gloves
Not so happy with these. They are certainly very stylish and comfortable and fit, urm, like a glove, but there is a hole in the end of one of the fingers already, so null points for durability. Maybe I shouldn’t have worn them when I was weeding, though….

Under Armour HeatGear compression leggings
They certainly do the job, but I can’t say I feel particularly less sweaty or fatigued at the end of a ride for having worn them rather than a cheaper, ‘ordinary’ pair of leggings. Obviously, I’ve not conducted any controlled experiments on this, so maybe I’m speaking out of turn, or maybe my judgement is just coloured by the fact that this was the only company I asked for any sort of sponsorship from, and they couldn’t even see their way to donating me a few measly items of clothing for my journey; thanks for nothin’, UA!


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