Posted by: Silver | February 14, 2011

With Love from Vancouver Island…

… and apologies for the blatant and strained attempt at a Valentine’s Day tie-in…

In addition to the rain (which is still falling), the area I’m currently staying in is also quite famous for its artsy community. When you see the scenery around here, it’s not hard to understand why. I thought it would be nice to pick up a little something to remind myself of this part of my journey, and support a local artist, but with my budget and baggage restrictions, even a greetings card was pushing it a bit in terms of both price and weight (since my thinking was that I might collect quite a few as I travel through different parts of the country). I hit on the idea of seeking out a bookmark instead (not only beautiful, but useful as well!), but the only ones I could find were being sold as part of a package with an (out-of-my-price-range) art card. Not to be defeated, I contacted the artist, Paul McLean, to explain my circumstances and see if it might be possible to buy one of the bookmarks separately.

By return of email, he offered to send me a complete set of the 24 designs of bookmarks he produces, free of charge! And, even more overwhelmingly, I picked up the package today and discovered that he’d actually sent me two of each design! Their beauty is matched only by this gentleman’s amazing generosity. In order to honour such kindness, I have decided to pass on most of the bookmarks to the people who will be accommodating me as I continue my travels, so the beauty and love of Vancouver Island will be spread throughout British Columbia and beyond over the next few months 🙂 I will be keeping at least one of them though – they are soooo lovely… 😉

For a closer look at Paul’s work, please visit his web site at, and support him if you possibly can by buying some of his beautiful cards!

The beautiful bookmarks from a beautifully generous man on beautiful Vancouver Island


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