Posted by: Silver | February 26, 2011

On The Road Again

Yes! Finally! The journey continues! I emerged from my winter hibernation into beautiful (if chilly) sunshine yesterday and, wearing ample thermals and a stupidly happy grin, started heading east once again 🙂 To all those of you who have stuck with me through the winter boredom – thank you! I hope your loyalty will be rewarded with rather more, rather more interesting entries again from now on. And to those of you who, entirely understandably, drifted away while I really wasn’t doing very much very exciting: YOU CAN COME BACK NOW!

This next stage of my journey will be slightly different from the last, however. Although I had a very fulfilling and enjoyable time with my WWOOF hosts last year, it became increasingly clear that staying for just one week at each place really wasn’t ideal for either party: there was a limit to how much help I could really be, given that I was always in the position of ‘only just learning the ropes’, and similarly, there was a limit to how much my hosts felt it was worth teaching me, given how short a time I would be with them. On the other hand, for the purposes of spreading the word about SOS Children’s Villages, staying in one place for a whole week was slowing me down and limiting the number of communities (and local papers!) I could get to speak to. There’s a saying in Japanese that roughly translates as ‘too long for a sleeve tie, too short for a belt’, and that was very much the way my journey was feeling: not really a very good fit for either purpose.

And so, for the remainder of my journey, I have decided to concentrate on telling as many people as I can about the fantastic work that SOS Children’s Villages does around the world, moving on to a new town every couple of days and using my time to give presentations to schools, clubs, churches and anyone else who’ll listen to me, rather than doing voluntary work per se. I will also be trying to get to know each community a little (and hopefully further attract the attention of the local media!) by – whenever possible – taking part in some sort of activity that is significant to the place I’m visiting. Hopefully, this will mean not only some excellent media coverage for SOS Children’s Villages, but also some excellently entertaining blog entries – watch this space!

Back in the big city: winter sun reflecting off North Vancouver apartment buildings



  1. Welcome back on the road again Silver! Great to have you back out there, I look forward to following your journey again.

    Thank you so much for deciding to give more focus to our work also – this is excellent news! I hope SOS Children Canada are making sure you have what you need in terms of presentations, images and info, otherwise do let me know.

    All the best from a very rainy and grey Cambridge.

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