Posted by: Silver | February 28, 2011

The Power of Positive Thought

It was not a particularly auspicious start to the day…

Judging by the amount of news coverage and general chatter, this sort of weather in Vancouver is extremely rare; it certainly goes against all the weather statistics I studied when deciding that now should be an OK time to start moving again. But apparently the weather gods don’t read those statistics. Or perhaps they do – but filed under ‘humour’ rather than ‘meteorology’…

Nevertheless, I had a mission: a mission to get to Mission and tell them all about SOS Children’s Villages. So I decided it would all be OK – and it was. Admittedly, a large part of the reason why my journey was so uneventful was my host’s extremely kind offer to give me a lift out of the city: cycling through busy urban streets full of people who aren’t used to driving in snow, whilst looking for the right turnings along a complicated route I’ve never travelled before would have given the day an entirely different complexion, I’m sure. But simply pootling along highway 7 for a couple of hours was really no different from any other cycling day I’ve had – I don’t think it was even the coldest day I’ve cycled through! For the most part, the shoulders had been ploughed as well as the main carriageway, and the sections that hadn’t been simply allowed me to discover that cycling through slush really isn’t a problem. The snow stopped falling just before I started cycling, and by the time I reached the outskirts of Mission, there was even a tiny bit of weak winter sunshine bravely attempting to break through the solid grey sky.

I realise I was incredibly lucky, but as long as my luck holds for just one more day, I will reach the start of my aforementioned bus loop and someone else can worry about the road conditions for a few weeks…


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