Posted by: Silver | March 1, 2011

Mission to Hope

Well, I think we finally have conclusive proof that the weather gods support SOS Children’s Villages. Despite less than inspiring forecasts, and reports of deep snow from my next host (up a mountain outside Hope), a small patch of blue sky seemed to follow me for most of my journey. I could see dark clouds ahead for much of the way, but somehow, I never seemed to catch up with them. I was back on Highway 7 again, which definitely counts as one of the more enjoyable roads I’ve ridden, and my spirits were high. People I spoke to en route were still concerned about my getting sprayed by the passing trucks though, and spray there certainly was. But I only noticed the rainbows…

The snow was certainly never far away...

...but the blue skies were closer 🙂



  1. Silver,
    You continue to inspire all of us here with your dedication and positive outlook! When I read this post this morning I couldn’t help but smile. You see, we often have events and parties in our village for the kids and given the west coast weather, we are always unsure what it will be like out, but for some reason, for every event, we have sun! There have been times when the clouds literally break a 1/2 hour before the event and we have a beautiful sky above us! Perhaps this has been passed on to you, or perhaps your connection to SOS Children’s Villages is stronger than you realize!

    All the best….

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