Posted by: Silver | March 16, 2011


Valemount is a very appropriately named little village: it sits in a vale (actually, the Rocky Mountain Trench) and is surrounded by mounts.

At least, that’s what the locals would have me believe.

If I had been naming the village this week, however, I think I might have gone for Cloudvale instead… Apparently, it is very rare to get three consecutive cloudy days in this area at this time of year: I guess the weather gods must consider me less worthy of their favour when I’m not cycling – which is fair enough.

If you couldn’t see the mountains, though, you could certainly hear the trains. I’ve been in towns along the railroad for all of this part of my journey – I assume simply because rail, road and settlement have all followed the same few acceptably low and level bits of ground around here – but for whatever reason, Valemount seems to excite drivers to a particularly animated use of their train’s horn. Of course, as my host confirmed, you very quickly stop hearing them if you actually live there, and it’s certainly been gratifying to see just how well used the railroads are over here – for freight at least. When I was little, I remember my brother and I making a game of counting the wagons if a freight train went by, and getting quite excited if we got above 30. The train I counted over here had 147. I’ve begun to understand why people sometimes take the insane risk of jumping the lights at a level crossing over here: you can be waiting quite some time while a Canadian train goes past…

No, no: those are just hills. There are mountains behind them...

... no, honestly, they are there ...

Oh, oh: nearly! I can see a bit of snow-capped peak... does that count?!



  1. You were pretty close to trains in Cambridge too, but maybe not quite so long as Canadian ones!
    Anyway – “Everybody loves the sound of a train in the distance, Everybody thinks it’s true…” wherever they are.

    Pics brilliant as usual. Keep on clickin’!
    Love, John.

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