Posted by: Silver | March 22, 2011

Doesn’t He Look Smart?!

So, after leaving Barriere, I headed back to Hope for my grand reunion with Ranger 🙂 After a jolly good cleaning and oiling, he was ready for his new designer accessories: both my bags and my flag are now emblazoned with the SOS Children’s Villages logo!

Ranger showing off his new look at Nicola Lake

Sharp-eyed readers may have noticed ‘branded’ bags in the photo accompanying my entry about the joys of winter cycling, but unfortunately, this printing (done by a company in California) was done with decals rather than the screen printing I’d asked for and so, the very first time I washed the bags, it started to come off. To the rescue came Ryan, of Sasquatch Sign Co in Hope. He spent many hours painstakingly picking off the poor quality decals, before replacing them with the ‘wash-proof’ screen printing I’d wanted in the first place, and to top it all, he threw in a new, larger flag (with a reflective logo on each side) for free! He was such a complete and utter star, I have totally forgiven him for the fact that my flag is now pink… (note to readers who don’t know me personally: I *so* do not do pink under any normal circumstances… But hey, maybe it’s just giving Ranger a chance to express his feminine side…)

So, a huge thank you to Ryan and his team at Sasquatch Sign Co for turning Ranger into such a dandy-looking mobile advert for SOS Children’s Villages, and an equally huge thank you to the Rotary Club of Mission Mid-day, who provided the funds to make it possible.



  1. Hello, Silver,
    Ranger looks great! I suspect you must have had a little help with the Coquihalla… probably quite wise.

    Good luck on your next leg. Cheers, Coralea

    • When are you coming to Lethbridge?Would like to see you.

      • Hello Cecily,
        I’ll be there this afternoon! Do you have a group/school/other who would be interested in hearing more about SOS Children’s Villages while I’m in town? Or do you just want to meet Ranger? 😉 Let me know what you have in mind and I’ll see what I can arrange!

  2. Thank you, Tana, I missed your reply,so I didn’t see you after all.I will make a donation to SOS, certainly. I am interested in Ranger,I have osteoporosis and can’t ride a sit-up two wheeler.I have seen the website for “Inspired Cycle Engineering” in Fowey, but not a “live” recumbent bike. Would be interested in any information you can give me about “Ranger”. My best wishes for your journey!Cecily Smith.

    • Hello Cecily, Thank you so much for your donation to SOS Children’s Villages. A trike may well be the answer for you: as long as you’re comfortable sitting in an arm chair, you should be comfortable on a trike! You’re still putting a certain amount of pressure on your knees though, so you might want to try a test ride if knees are an issue for you; as long as you’re riding gently though, I would hope you should be OK. Happy riding!

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