Posted by: Silver | March 29, 2011

Chase to Salmon Arm

Distance: 56 km
Ascent: 554 m
Cycling time: 3 hours, 37 minutes

When cycling any sort of distance, it’s inevitable that you’re going to have to stop and eat at some point. Often, this is a purely functional activity, accomplished as quickly as possible while sitting at the side of the road (although at least on a trike, you do always have somewhere comfortable to sit!) Sometimes, however, circumstances conspire to make the whole thing a great deal more pleasurable, and so it was on my journey to Salmon Arm. Once again, I had the local advice of my host to thank as I sat on a beach overlooking Shuswap Lake, eating my sandwich in warm sunshine and listening to the lapping of the water on the pebbles. The wind was even helpfully blowing in the right direction to keep me and the dead salmon smell apart. I felt like a very lucky girl indeed.

There are also other inescapable reasons why a long distance cyclist has to stop from time to time, so thank you to Doug & Jacquie, whom I met in Chase and who very kindly invited me to stop and use the facilities at their place outside town as I passed by…

I did like Salmon Arm, but whether it was because of any intrinsic feature of the town, or simply because I was able to have a lie in on both mornings, I’m not quite sure 😉 I had no presentations or other fixed points here, which provided a very welcome opportunity to catch up on a bit of admin and spend some quality time fighting the cold I was trying hard to convince myself I wasn’t coming down with; I did get an article in one of the local newspapers, however, and also did a photo shoot for the other, so hopefully the message about SOS Children’s Villages will still be rippling out through the town, in spite of my rather low-key visit.

My lunchtime view: I've definitely had worse days...

Was there anything intrinsic about Salmon Arm that made it attractive? I think so...



  1. You’re actually fortunate travelling this area at this time of the year as you do not have to battle with the summer vacation traffic – it can be horrid along some of these twisting roads.

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