Posted by: Silver | April 4, 2011

Sending out Ripples

Since this journey is an ‘awareness-raising’ rather than a ‘fund-raising’ endeavour, people (usually accountants!) sometimes ask me how I can measure the success of what I’m doing. And the answer is, I can’t. Once I start spreading the word, there is absolutely no way I can keep any sort of accurate record of where it ends up. Like Slovenia, for example:

I don’t know anybody in Slovenia, and only came across this link by chance, so it is entirely possible – if not probable – that there are many other people in many other places who also now know about SOS Children’s Villages as a result of what I’m doing. But I will almost certainly never know about them. Although this means I may never be able to produce any impressive-looking figures about the effect of my journey, however, I think that’s OK: you can’t put numbers on many of the most powerful things in this world – love, determination, patience, compassion – you just have to believe in the difference they make…

(And so, after that ‘deeply profound’ thought, a more mundane tidbit for those of you who are interested: the new header picture was taken just north of Kelowna, after I’d finally got off highway 97)



  1. Finally a picture as to what you look like in action by way of a Slovenia link.
    After reading your lastest blog entry, I suggest you wrap or cover your luggage behind you with a highly illuminous safety vest (bungy cord the vest to your luggage) – similar to a “slow moving vehicle” sign – in order to be as visable as possible to traffic coming up behind you – dark clothes blend in too easy with the asphalt, and the little pink flag is really not enough of a “slow moving vehicle” warning. I enjoy your daily adventure blogs.

  2. I know friends have commented on your travels because they’ve seen stuff on my FB. Friends here in Cambridge, in the US, with connections in South America, all over the place. So quite right too, you can’t account for where the benefits end up, but you can be sure they’re spread far and wide!

  3. Hi Silver,

    just want to let you know that I am following your trip from Austria! One of my friends works at the local SOS Children’s village so I am very familiar with the organization. And since I am a fan of BC and Vancouver – well that’s how I stumbled upon you….

    I enjoy reading your newsletter and wish you all the best for your exciting trip. Boy, you are going to be in good shape after that :o)))! I wish I could say the same about me who spends too much time in front of my PC…..

    Cheers from Vienna Area

  4. Hello All 🙂

    I am the admin of Udobnoposvetu website. I am trying to cover interesting recumbent related and handbike related stories around the world. That is how I found you and I can assure you that the word spreads far as also my blog is read abroad thanks to Google Translator 🙂

    Have a safe journey! I miss more photos of you on the bike and the lovely nature in the background 🙂 This tells them apart from all the rest you can find on the web.

    Best regards from Slovenia,

  5. Hello to all my international blog followers! So lovely to hear from you, and to hear that the message about SOS Children’s Villages really is spreading far and wide 🙂 I hope you all continue to enjoy my updates, even though I’m moving on so frequently now, I don’t have so much time to think so carefully about them anymore(!)
    Thank you all for your support and comments 🙂

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