Posted by: Silver | April 6, 2011

Kelowna to Peachland

Distance: 38 km
Ascent: 554 m
Cycling time: 2 hours, 49 minutes

Unfortunately, if you’re heading south from Kelowna, you really don’t have much choice but to get back on highway 97. Even more unfortunately, when you do (if you’re a cyclist), you will be subjected to some of the most unclear and unhelpful signage I’ve come across (and this is something that Canada does seem to excel at, unfortunately…) As a result, I was well onto the three-lane bridge of busy traffic over Okanagan Lake before I realised I wasn’t allowed to be there. Much stress and carrying of Ranger over concrete barriers etc. later, I finally found my way to the pedestrian/cycle path over the bridge, but my opinion of highway 97 was most certainly not improved by the experience. (Incidentally, my sincere apologies to the kind cyclist who stopped to ask if I needed directions, only to end up initially getting the sharp end of my stress and frustration at the situation…)

All this meant I was late arriving at Outbound Cycle in Westbank, where the owner, Glenn, had kindly agreed to give Ranger the once-over. There was fortunately still time for a quick check-up though, so, once suitably tightened and adjusted, we set out into the busy traffic again; oh well – at least I had a shoulder to ride in this time. The closer I got to Peachland, however, the quieter it got, until, after a very pleasant ride along the almost-empty beachfront road, I was met by a welcoming committee of various VILPs (Very Important Local People), including the mayor’s deputy; I felt very honoured – and a lot less stressed 🙂

Apparently, in order to call yourself a true Peachlander, you have to climb Pincushion Mountain at least once, and so my local activity here was not hard to choose. I may only have been in the town for a couple of days, but my signature in the book by the flag at the top of the mountain proves that at least a little bit of me will always be a Peachlander now.

You see: there is a cycle path over the bridge - on the other side of the road... Not that you'd know that from the signs...

My first marmot! And there were actually four of them, right by the highway!

Like I say, once I got into Peachland, the road got much nicer

More wildlife: this is Ogopogo, Okanagan Lake's answer to the Loch Ness Monster. I just don't understand why people seem to think he's so hard to spot! (This was a gift from my kind hosts in Peachland)

The flag at the top of Pincushion Mountain: you see, I'm a true Peachlander now 🙂



  1. How about some picks of you and your trike once in a while ?
    Have fun.

  2. Hi Ross,
    You (and several others, I think) will be glad to hear that, due to popular demand, Ranger will be making more frequent appearances in my blog photos from now on. As for pictures of me, though – let’s just say I’m generally the one behind the camera, and I’m quite happy there…. 😉

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