Posted by: Silver | April 7, 2011

Peachland to Penticton

Distance: 49 km
Ascent: 336 m
Cycling time: 3 hours, 7 minutes

My journey continues to be very enjoyable, and very successful in terms of the awareness I’m raising for SOS Children’s Villages, but it was always inevitable that some sections would go better than others, and the fates did seem to be conspiring against me a bit on this occasion. My ride down from Peachland to Penticton was without major incident, so I’m not really complaining, but the weather, which started out fairly uninspiringly dull, got progressively less attractive until, by the time I got lost in Penticton, it was positively wet.

Yes, I got lost, in the rain, in Penticton. It was a good job the planned ride was only a short one, as it ended up a good 10 km longer than I’d anticipated… With a little help from my host, however, I did finally manage to make it to my rendezvous with the editor of the local newspaper, and a very nice mention for SOS Children’s Villages ensued (, so I guess we can file that one under the category of “all’s well that ends well”.

The next morning, I was up and out of the house at 6.30 for a presentation to the local Rotary Club. Unfortunately, however, discussion of a contentious issue within the club ate into the time allotted, so my passionate advocacy for the work of SOS Children’s Villages had to be squeezed down into nothing more than a double-quick fleeting overview. It was a very useful exercise in on-the-spot editing, though (the President of the club seemed as surprised and impressed as I was that I’d actually managed to do it – and still make sense!), so maybe it was all just good practice.

The weather continued to fail to show Penticton at its best for most of my time there, but there were a few brief moments of blue among the grey, and these just so happened to coincide with the little tour around the town centre that my host so kindly took me on just before I left, so I did at least get some (slightly) sunny photos to share in the end.

Actually, now I’ve written this, I realise the Penticton part of my journey wasn’t so bad after all… 🙂

As I say, the weather really wasn't very inspiring as I left Peachland

The main street in Penticton bills itself as 'colourful Front Street', and it really was

Penticton is sandwiched between two lakes: Okanagan (on the left) and Skaha (in the distance). The main town is behind the tree on the left, and the main attraction of the town is behind the clouds somewhere...



  1. Spring has sprung – careful, bears are now emerging from their winter dens…. there are bears in the mountain parks!

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