Posted by: Silver | April 19, 2011

Rossland to Castlegar

Distance: 38 km
Ascent: 323 m
Cycling time: 2 hours, 20 minutes

People sometimes ask why I started up my journey again so early in the year and the answer, of course, is simple: it gives me more time to visit more communities and tell more people about SOS Children’s Villages. The downside to this, however, is equally obvious: in a country where even mid-April can’t necessarily be called spring, I have to take whatever the weather chooses to throw at me. And this time, the weather chose rain. All a bit grey and miserable, but it was never actually torrential enough to need to break out my waterproofs, and in fact, it miraculously stopped – very briefly – just at the time when I needed to take a food and ‘comfort’ break, which certainly made those necessary activities a whole lot less unpleasant. So, coupled with the shorter distance and lack of mountains compared to my last little jaunt, I don’t feel I really had much to complain about. Couldn’t help thinking that my appreciation of the scenery was somewhat reduced, however…

Fortunately, the next day dawned bright and sunny and so, thanks to my hosts’ gallant preparedness to make an early start, we were all able to enjoy the Columbia River at its finest, as it passed through Syringa Provincial Park in the guise of Arrow Lake. We just about made it home again before the clouds rolled backed in…

As it happens, my host in Castlegar was actually the editor of the local newspaper and so my time here was also notable for my first experience of giving an interview whilst eating my breakfast – truly, I am always on duty for SOS Children’s Villages!

When I first left Rossland, it looked like the weather might be OK, and at least I was going down the steep hills

'The Columbia River probably looks really pretty in the sunshine', I thought...

... and it would appear I was right! This is where the river has become Arrow Lake, in Syringa Provincial Park


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