Posted by: Silver | April 24, 2011

Nelson to Crawford Bay

Distance: 23 km
Ascent: 342 m
Cycling time: 1 hour, 39 minutes

One slight drawback of being entirely dependent on the kindness of strangers is that sometimes, unfortunately, they are going to let you down. Whether it was because of some terrible breakdown in communication, or whether, in spite of my regular updates, my supposed hosts in Crawford Bay simply never believed that I would actually manage to stick to my schedule through the winter-that-will-not-die, I don’t know, but less than 48 hours before I was due to arrive in the town, I discovered that they already had ‘company’ sleeping in the bed that I thought I was cycling towards. Rather than bore you with the intervening stress and hassle, however, let me jump straight to the huge thanks I would like to offer to Paul at Kokanee Chalets, who made available a lovely room at a 50% discount, and Hope at the Kootenay Lake Lions Club, who not only sorted out this alternative accommodation for me, but also arranged for the Lions Club to pick up the remaining 50% of the tab; thank you both for taking such extremely good care of me under such ‘difficult’ circumstances.

Fortunately, the ride to Crawford Bay was entirely pleasant: since I’d been staying out to the east of Nelson, it was basically just a quick hop across the lake on the longest free ferry ride in BC/Canada/the world (depending on who you’re talking to…) – plenty of time in which to tell some of my fellow passengers (who’d noticed Ranger, of course) all about SOS Children’s Villages!

My visit to Crawford Bay was also notable for my first taste of the celebrity lifestyle: at the end of my presentation to staff and students at the local school, at least a dozen of the children crowded around me, asking for my autograph! I fulfilled their requests, of course, but as Ranger’s fairing proved to have yet another use – as a writing surface – I couldn’t help reflecting on how surreal my life sometimes gets these days!

Ranger enjoying the longest free ferry ride in the world

A typical view from the east shore of Kootenay Lake

Ah, the life of a celebrity: signing autographs, and hiding from the cameras...



  1. Just seen your picture, Tana, and write up in Anglia Ruskin’s Bulletin. Very good. Nigel

  2. Tut tut Silver, you finally appear in one of the photos and your hiding behind children – next time I want to see front and centre 🙂 either that or try to find various ways of hiding in the photo – Kind of like a where’s Silver 😉

    By the way Ranger looks good with his new reflective rear-end

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