Posted by: Silver | April 28, 2011

Creston to Cranbrook

Distance: 105 km
Ascent: 888 m
Cycling time: 6 hours, 28 minutes

Heading east from Creston, it’s a long way to the next town of any size; the terrain didn’t appear to be particularly mountainous or inhospitable, though (in fact, the road contained the fewest steep hills I’ve encountered for a good while), so maybe its neglect is simply an indication that it lacks sufficient precious ore to have been considered more worthy of attention from those seeking to extract what they can from the rocky bowels of British Columbia. However, although I may not know much about the history of this area, I can confirm that my present-day experience of it, bathed in beautiful sunshine, was certainly a pleasant one.

Or at least, it would have been, if the person who laid down the rumble strips along good portions of my route hadn’t quite obviously been drunk. As you will know from previous entries, rumble strips are not my favourite things at the best of times, but along the highway to Cranbrook, they frequently lurched well over to the right, leaving way too little space in the shoulder for Ranger’s wheels; they were also wider than usual, making it impossible to straddle them, and they ran without a break, leaving me no gaps to nip through as conditions changed. Thus, I was forced by the ‘safety feature’ to ride in the most unsafe position possible: right in the main carriageway. Fortunately, the traffic was light, so there were no real problems, but it’s just not a relaxed way to cycle… 😦

The journey certainly wasn’t all bad though: my first ever glimpse of the Rocky Mountains was backed by beautiful blue skies (never to be seen again during the rest of my stay), and I couldn’t help but smile when I encountered an area of rock exactly the same colour as red cabbage cake… although I believe that only the very small and select group of you out there who have been subjected to the more ‘avant garde’ end of my baking addiction actually know what colour that is… 😉

That came as a bit of a surprise: I didn't think I changed time zones until I changed provinces! Given that I instantly lost an hour, I was even more impressed with myself that I made it to Cranbrook on time!

"Look, Ranger! Do you think those are the Rockies? Do you think we're nearly there?!"

20 km later….

"Ah; no - I think that's them...!"


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