Posted by: Silver | May 1, 2011

Kimberley to Jaffray

Distance: 85 km
Ascent: 628 m
Cycling time: 5 hours, 9 minutes

I’m generally trying to avoid routes that involve going back the way I came, but, although there is a way of getting to Jaffray from Kimberley that would take one along entirely new roads, going back via Cranbrook is not only shorter, but also means spending the first part of the journey on the Rails to Trails path again. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you which route I chose…

Choosing the shorter route was also made particularly sensible by the fact that I ended up leaving later than I planned, on account of first having to wait for the snowstorm to stop… As I think I might just have mentioned before, I really am stretching the term ‘cycling season’ to its very limits (if not beyond!). The clouds remained low and dark for pretty much all of my ride, but in the end, I only actually got snowed on for a mere ten minutes. Those ten minutes were a full-on attack of the nasty hard sting-y stuff, though, so you’re still under obligation to feel sorry for me. 😉

During my time in Jaffray (which I had basically planned to be a rest stop), my only opportunities to speak to people about SOS Children’s Villages were during visits from friends of my hosts, but, given how small Jaffray is, I suspect that still constituted a fair proportion of the population – especially if each of them goes on to tell at least one of their friends about the insane Englishwoman and her extremely sane cause! And in the meantime, my sources inform me that, in Creston, Cranbrook and Kimberley, SOS Children’s Villages made it onto the FRONT PAGE! In spite of this, and my autograph-signing episode in Crawford Bay, however, I would like to reassure everyone that I will not be letting this now-indisputable celebrity status go to my head, although, in future, I will be requiring that my water reservoir be filled with only the purest mountain spring water, flown down to me by wood sprites….

Ranger was not very impressed with the way the weather looked...

Yup, I bet them mountains are really somethin' when you can actually see 'em...

Rosen Lake in Jaffray: originally conceived of as a high-class resort destination, and you can see why



  1. I’ve been researching this. Wood sprites live in the tops of trees – their union official says carrying water is NOT their job, even for celebs. You could apply to the Water Sprites Cooperative, or even the Water Goblins Corporation, though you might not fancy the latter – they only deliver at night, and have a dodgy reputation.

    Wonderful pics as usual – you and Ranger are doing brilliantly. Serious point – had you considered seeking a contribution to SOS from Ranger’s manufacturer’s? They could derive some great PR from your travels.

  2. Bloomin’ Unions…! Oh well, back to the tap water, I guess 😉
    I will certainly mention your suggestion to ICE – thanks, John!

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