Posted by: Silver | May 24, 2011

Now accepting donations!

As many of you know, I started this journey primarily to raise awareness for SOS Children’s Villages, rather than money: I wanted to keep the focus on what it is that the charity does, and why I believe they are so worthy of people’s ongoing support, rather than everyone just focussing on a single number and only ever asking ‘how much have you raised?’. I also didn’t want people to feel pressured into handing over their cash, just because I happened to have cycled into their town! However, so many people on my travels already have said that they really want to give SOS Children’s Villages a donation ‘in my name’, I have now set up a web page that allows you to do just that – if you want to (and don’t mind the donation coming off your credit card in Canadian dollars). Please click on the tab at the bottom of my header picture for further details, and if anyone knows of a way to get a donation button on my main page (so people don’t have to click through so many links to make a donation!), please let me know!!


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