Posted by: Silver | June 2, 2011

Wetaskiwin to Leduc

Distance: 37 km
Ascent: 91 m
Cycling time: 2 hours

Isn’t it just typical?! 4,600 km without a scratch, and the first ‘serious’ injury I get on the whole of my journey is almost too embarrassingly banal to admit to:

I fell off the front step.

There I was, all ready to go, and heading out to Ranger, when all of a sudden… WRRRRRENCH! A fairly long stream of profanities later, I found myself flat on my bum on the lawn outside my hosts’ door, wondering how on earth such a tiny step could have caused such pain. I convinced myself it would soon ease off though, so I simply picked myself up and started pedalling. And in fact, turning the pedals did indeed seem to be basically comfortable. It wasn’t until I had to get off the trike again (to post a letter at the bottom of the road) that I realized my first mistake: I’d clipped in to the pedals. Now, clipping in wasn’t actually a problem at all; clipping out however, requires twisting your foot fairly sharply and forcefully to the side – I’ll leave you to imagine how pleasant that is when you’ve just torn all the ligaments across the top of your foot… The pedalling itself, though, genuinely didn’t hurt that much, so I just carried on with my right foot unclipped and still made it to Leduc exactly on schedule. When I tried to stand up off the trike, however, I discovered that I could no longer bear even the tiniest bit of weight on it; hobbling gave way to hopping, then – after a slightly surreal episode of giving an interview to the local paper whilst eating a delicious lunch provided by the owner of the Kosmos restaurant and simultaneously holding an ice pack on my foot – hopping was abandoned in favour of my host carrying me back out of the restaurant.

When I dreamed of being swept off my feet, these weren’t quite the circumstances I had in mind, but I was still very grateful.

Anyway, four hours of waiting in the emergency room later, the doctor confirmed that nothing was broken and cycling was unlikely to aggravate the injury, so I was able to get a good night’s sleep, safe in the knowledge that the journey could continue 🙂

The planned walking tour of Leduc sorta didn’t happen, though, so please forgive the lack of photos…

See what a trooper I am: foot all mangled and still I stop to take photos for you en route...

One unexpected benefit of my mishap was that I got to see the centre of Edmonton (when we had to go and buy an ankle brace because the health service here doesn't provide such things); it was really quite impressively green - and hilly!



  1. I’ve seen people carried out of pubs before, but not restaurants!
    Hope it heals quickly. Lucky that cycling is not a directly ‘load-bearing’ exercise (unless you stand on the pedals – difficult with a trike!), so your ankle should be OK.
    Edmonton looks strange – big modern city abruptly appearing from the greenery.

    Take care, and ‘mind your step’, as they say…John.

  2. OUCH!! So glad you’re mostly OK and can carry on cycling. 🙂 Hello BTW, sorry it’s beeen so long since I last commented. I’ve been reading every entry as it appears in my inbox and marvelling at the wonderful pictures. Keep up the amazing work!

    Love n *Hugs*


  3. Duh-uh, injuries are like fishing stories – you’re supposed to *improve upon* the actual facts for the sake of narrative, for posterity, for the enjoyment of the listeners. Didn’t anybody ever tell you that? Jeez, just ask any journalist, politician or historian. Or for that matter, any Southerner (like me).

    “I was cooling my feet off in this nice stream when along came . . . ”

    “I was sleeping with one foot off the side of the bed and then . . . ”

    ” I heard a strange noise out in the backyard so I went to investigate, barefooted and in my PJs. I went several yards into the dark and trees and then my flashlight suddenly died; I turned to go back to the house, and the naked toes of my right foot bumped into . . . ”

    Go on, give it a try :0)

    Hope your foot is all better soon!


  4. Hi All, and thanks for your messages of support 🙂 I did consider concocting a more dramatic story to explain my incapacity, but in the end, I came to the conclusion that the plain old boring truth was actually funnier… 😉 Anyway, my foot continues to heal nicely – I’m *almost* walking normally again now – so hopefully this will all be of nothing more than historical interest very soon now!

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