Posted by: Silver | June 5, 2011

Leduc to Spruce Grove

Distance: 56 km
Cycling time: 0

The doctor may have reassured me that cycling wouldn’t make my foot worse, but when my hosts in Leduc very kindly offered to give me and Ranger a lift to my next destination, I wasn’t about to turn down the opportunity to give my poor ligaments a little more time to rest and recover. The journey to Spruce Grove was thus short and uneventful (and without photo opportunities, I’m afraid), and I was very happy to see that my Leduc hosts were rewarded for their kindness by being invited to join the very enjoyable barbecue party organized by my Spruce Grove hosts!

Sitting down with one’s feet up may be the standard position while riding a recumbent trike, but I have to confess, this was the first time I’d taken up the same position whilst giving a presentation. A photographer from the local paper was in attendance, but for some reason, he never actually asked what I’d done to myself, so goodness only knows what the captions will say by way of explanation for my unusual presentational approach…

The rest of my time in Spruce Grove was basically spent in the same position, trying to give my foot the best possible chance to heal, so there’s not much more to make an entertaining blog entry out of, I’m afraid. I am pleased to be able to report, however, that all the resting, aided by my hosts’ kindness and support, does seem to have had the desired effect: although my foot is still far from completely healed, there’s no pain unless I try and do something fancy (like go down stairs without putting both feet on each step…) so I reckon I’m well on the mend. 🙂 A couple of thoughts on my cycling shoes though:

1) I’m fairly certain that the reason I fell in the first place was because I caught the knob at the back of the shoe on the edge of the step; I still think the lacing system’s basically a good idea, but as regular followers of my blog will know, this is not the first time the knobs have caused problems…

2) The lacing system doesn’t allow you to open the shoes particularly widely, which makes it rather difficult to put the shoe on if, say, you’ve got a tensor bandage wrapped around a very tender foot that’s been mangled by the knob at the back of the self same shoe… Like I say, I think the lacing system’s basically a good idea, but…

The rather snazzy 'playscape' in Spruce Grove, part funded by the local Rotary Club. Eeee, playgrounds were never like that when I were a lass...

At least I got to see a reasonably decent sunset while I was convalescing


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