Posted by: Silver | June 12, 2011

Fox Creek to Valleyview

Distance: 89 km
Ascent: 407 m
Cycling time: 4 hours, 58 minutes

Finally! A full day of decent weather again: warm, dry and not too windy. 🙂 If I felt like being negative, I could complain about the ruining of a perfectly lovely, wide, smooth shoulder with an extra-double-wide rumble strip right down the middle, but I’d rather concentrate on the number of beautiful insects that came out with the sun: I saw my first dragonflies of the season, a multitude of butterflies, a ladybird who hitched a ride on my waist pack for a while (I don’t normally take passengers, but decided to make an exception in this case…), and many other fascinating little bugs that made me wish I had the space for a field guide and the time to read it. Most wonderfully, though – until about 5 km outside Valleyview – there were no mosquitoes! A truly enjoyable ride 🙂

Valleyview itself was just an overnight stop, so by the time I’d met up with my hosts, given an interview to the local paper and had something to eat, that was pretty much it for my Valleyview experience on this occasion. My return visit in a couple of weeks promises to be rather more interesting though – watch this space… 😉

Water isn't nearly so much of a feature in Alberta as it was in BC, but there's still the occasional attractive little roadside pond

The road wasn't all bad: it was a two-lane, divided highway all the way, and the rumble strips did disappear sometimes... See how beautifully wide the shoulder was, when I was able to use it...

It was certainly a wonderful day for cloud-watching!


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