Posted by: Silver | June 17, 2011

Fairview to Peace River

Distance: 83 km
Ascent: 221 m
Cycling time: 4 hours, 13 minutes

Being airlifted to hospital really is quite an impressive procedure, you know…

OK, so that was a really cruel way to start a blog entry, given that I am actually completely fine (apart from a still-slightly-sore foot). As I mentioned in a previous entry, however, I am getting to meet a wide range of people with a wide range of jobs on this journey, and in Peace River, I just happened to be staying with the CEO of Advanced Paramedic Ltd, a company that provides air ambulance services to northern Alberta and beyond. And the evening I arrived, he just happened to get a call to transport a patient down to the coronary care unit in Edmonton, so he very kindly invited me to come along for the ride! Coming from a country small and densely-populated enough to make air ambulances very much the exception rather than the norm, it was fascinating to see how routine it clearly is around here, even though the whole procedure on this occasion took nearly seven hours in total. Of course, it was far from routine for me – and I very much hope to keep it that way: it was a most fantastic experience, but I sincerely hope never to see the inside of a medevac plane ever again!

My time in Peace River was hopefully also fantastic for SOS Children’s Villages. Before I even got to town, I had given a presentation to the Rotary Club of Grimshaw – a community handily located between Fairview and Peace River at just about the exact point where I would be at lunchtime! However, with so many members away on holiday, it was actually more like an informal chat over lunch than a ‘proper’ presentation; this brought home to me just how different the two modes of speaking are, and left me occasionally confused as to which one I was and/or should be using! My presentation to the Peace River Chamber of Commerce the next day seemed to go pretty well too, in spite of my passion running away with me a bit and causing me to go a tiny bit over time, and I managed to speak to both the local paper and the local radio station as well – not bad going considering my body’s continual and insistent demands for more sleep after all the excitement of my 2am bedtime the previous night…

I don't know: it looks pretty grey to me... The first community I passed through after leaving Fairview sounded a vain note of optimism in a day of constant drizzle

The weather may have been dull, but the fields were still glowing

Even in the rain, the view from the top of the hill above town was still pretty spectacular

Incidentally, one of the paramedics also took some rather fetching photos of me in my sexy little APL flight suit, but he hasn’t sent me copies so – oh dear – I guess I can’t post them here… 😉



  1. Silver! Don’t scare me like that!! ;-P *BIGHUGS* Sounds like you had quite an eventful few days and in a lovely looking area with beautiful town names. It’s so inspiring reading your blog posts! 🙂

  2. Hi Silver, my son is an RCMP constable in Spirit River. Please obey the laws while you are in the area. I’d hate to hear that he had to run you in! Glad to hear your journey continues. Best wishes and safe riding.
    Lorne Eckersley
    Creston BC

    • But Lorne, I *always* obey the laws, in *every* area…!

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