Posted by: Silver | June 24, 2011

Hay River to Peace River

This was the first of six back-to-back days of travelling – and this is my excuse for not having updated the blog for a few days… Sorry everyone! I was back on the bus again for this part of the journey, of course, and it transpired that the bus driver remembered reading about me in the Peace River Gazette! Depressingly, however, he couldn’t actually remember the name of the charity I’m doing it all for. 😦 I work very hard at trying to persuade journalists and others that I’m really not the story, and, to their credit, all of them so far have been very good at stressing SOS Children’s Villages and the work that they do in the articles that they’ve written, but I guess you can’t ever control what aspects of a story are going to be the ones that people actually remember…

Before I left Hay River though, I was given the most wonderful opportunity by my host’s daughter and her boyfriend: just south of town are two waterfalls (known as the Twin Falls, unsurprisingly enough…), and if you descend a stupid number of steps, followed by a steep path of loose earth and stones, then abseil down a 20’ cliff, you can actually stand behind one of the falls! It was truly a most magnificent, mind-blowing experience, watching the thunderous torrents of water crashing down in front of me from above. I could have happily stayed there until it got dark, which – given my latitude – would probably have been in about three months’ time…

You see - I made it all the way down to the water: I think it would be fair to say my foot's a lot better now, thank you 🙂
These are the Louise Falls - the ones you can stand behind

The other twin: the Alexandra Falls. You couldn't climb in behind these though...


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