Posted by: Silver | July 4, 2011

Jasper to Evansburg (via Hinton & Edson)

Cycling distance: 98 km
Ascent: 317 m
Cycling time: 4 hours, 41 minutes

Yes, I’ve been doubling back on myself again. I could go into all the reasons why I decided to do this, but perhaps sometimes it’s going to be necessary to just accept that, in the mind of someone who thinks that spending two years cycling solo across the second-largest country in the world makes sense, the chosen route also makes sense…

However, I can’t pretend that I’m not incredibly grateful to my extremely kind Hinton host, who saved me from having to cycle over the same ground twice by not only coming to collect Ranger and me from Jasper (thus also enabling me to tell both the Jasper and Hinton Rotary clubs about SOS Children’s Villages – a feat which would have been impossible if I’d had to cycle between the two), but then also delivering us safely to Edson the following day as well! This meant that all I had left to cycle was the very pleasant, downhill-with-a-tailwind jaunt from Edson to Evansburg. 🙂 As usual, I pulled in to make use of the facilities at the rest stop on the way, and as usual, Ranger attracted a lot of attention from the other people taking a break while we were there; as usual, both the men who got into conversation with me wanted to know how much he cost, so on this occasion, I joked that I should charge a donation to SOS Children’s Villages for answering that question, since men always ask. To my surprise, one of the guys proceeded to hand over $5: maybe I really should start charging for answering that question!

My time in Evansburg (and its twin community, Entwistle) was certainly very busy, but also very positive: my visit coincided with Canada Day (a national holiday celebrating Canada’s ‘birthday’), so Ranger and I were invited to take part in the village parade! For a while, it even looked like I might be leading it, although my enthusiasm for this prospect waned when I remembered that this would mean I would actually have to know where I was going… I still ended up almost at the front, though (behind the two RCMP cars – the closest I’m ever likely to get to a police escort!), and was enthusiastically accompanied by two of my hosts’ grandsons, who did a fine job of handing out leaflets and collecting donations along the route. One of them – just eight years old – even made a donation himself, saying he thought it was mean to abandon children and he wanted to make sure they had a home: if I hadn’t been on the trike, I would have given him such a big hug… So he’s probably quite glad I was on the trike…

It was also rodeo time in Entwistle. The Lions Club had made it possible for me to have a table there, but people were initially discouragingly uninterested, many even refusing to take the free leaflet I offered them. So, in between events, I got the rodeo announcer to tell everyone who I was and why I was there, then promptly went round the stands with a collecting bucket: the response was much more enthusiastic. 🙂 I may only just be coming round to the idea of asking people for money, but it does seem to be going OK so far…

Bright skies and bright fields on the way to Evansburg; Chip Lake is just visible in the background

Ranger all decked out for Canada Day, ably assisted by Logan and Josh

At Entwistle, I got to see the full range of rodeo events, including barrel racing for the girlies...

... sheep riding for the cowboys of tomorrow...

... steer wrestling...

... team roping...

... and everybody's favourite, it seems: bull riding - or trying to, at least...

And finally: not a standard rodeo event, but possibly my favourite (possibly due to the lack of even a whiff of animal welfare issues) - mounted shooting



  1. Nice pic of Ranger. Did you get an SOS donation from Trice ?
    How about a few pics of yourself ?
    Thanks for the blog.


    • Hi Ross,
      Glad you like the photo 🙂 However, ICE declined to make a donation to SOS Children’s Villages in return for all the good publicity they’re getting as a result of my journey: it possibly wouldn’t hurt to drop them a line to ask why (…
      Watch this space for an update on the matter of photos of me on the blog… 😉

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