Posted by: Silver | July 6, 2011

So, you wanna see a picture of me, eh?!

Hmmm, so, I note that you all seem to want to see a photo of me on the blog then, eh? I also note that many of you have been kind enough to comment on how much you are enjoying the fruits of the many hours of thought and effort I put into writing this blog (thank you for saying so!). But I also note that, so far, a grand total of just one blog subscriber has actually made any donation to SOS Children’s Villages via the donation site I set up the other month…

So, here’s the deal: if I see $1000-worth of new donations appear on my web page, you will see a picture of me appear on the blog. 🙂 I have over 100 blog subscribers, plus a good many more who follow me on Facebook, so just a measly $10 (c. £6) from each of you would more than ensure that you all finally get to know what I look like in a swimsuit. ($2000 and I might even consider posting the one of me in my underwear in the snow… ;-)) I’ve written over 50,000 words on this blog so far – almost a full novel’s-worth – and posted several hundred photos that many of you seem to enjoy even though I’m not in them, so that seems like a pretty good deal to me: I’ll be watching the donations page to see if you all agree! Just put “photo, please!” in the comments box when you make your donation, and I’ll keep an eye on the total!

I hasten to add that I very greatly appreciate the moral support of all of you out there who are following my journey, regardless of whether or not you feel you’re in a position to offer any financial support to SOS, but you all have a pretty good idea of how I feel about displaying photos of myself, so I’m certainly not gonna swallow that shyness unless there’s something in it for SOS Children’s Villages! 😉



  1. You’re funny, I’m guessing you have a picture of you in the snow wearing nothing but a ……
    Keep up the great work…..

    • I do indeed, MAM… 😉 Still need a few more donations from people before everyone gets to see it though…! Do you think your FB (or indeed real live!) friends might be willing to help boost the total a little?!

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