Posted by: Silver | July 8, 2011

Evansburg to Stony Plain

Distance: 78 km
Ascent: 478 m
Cycling time: 4 hours, 25 minutes

Ending up on the main highway back to Edmonton from the mountains on the last afternoon of a long weekend will not probably not go down in history as one of my best-ever bits of planning, but fortunately there was always a nice wide shoulder for me to hide in, so although my journey this time was fairly noisy, it wasn’t actually any more troublesome than usual, in spite of the heavy traffic.

My time in Stony Plain itself was notable for several good reasons. I spoke to huge numbers of people about SOS Children’s Villages: the Rotary Club, two newspaper journalists, the mayor, and the head of the Chamber of Commerce, as well as assorted friends and relatives of my hosts. And as a result, a couple of very generous new donations have already appeared on my website, and I remain ever-hopeful of discovering more: I really can’t emphasize enough just how much it lifts my spirits to find those little notification emails in my inbox! The weather was glorious for pretty much the entire time I was in the town (apart from a fairly spectacular thunderstorm on my last night), and, of course, there was also the spectacular amount of delicious ice cream that I was treated to from the local ice cream parlour. 🙂

Unfortunately, however, my extended stay at this particular location was possibly most notable for what I didn’t do: rest. My hosts in Stony Plain had very kindly agreed to accommodate me for a couple more nights than I usually ask people to put up with me for, with the express intention that those extra days would be spent hiding under the covers, recharging my batteries. Somehow, though, that never quite seemed to happen… 😦 Oh well, maybe at my next stop…

By the way, the ‘Photo Fund’ currently stands at $155: a magnificent start, aided by the fact that almost everyone who made a donation contributed more than the suggested $10 (thank you all for your generosity!), but still a good few more of you are going to need to show your support for SOS before I show my face…!

It really has been quite wet round here just lately: if you look very closely, you can just see the tops of the fence posts that prove that this isn't always a lake...

Jack's drive-in diner: a local fixture since the 50's and still serving some of the tastiest soft ice cream I've ever had 🙂

I've seen a fair few Rotary Parks on my travels now, and fountains certainly seem to be a popular feature!



  1. I think my husband and I saw you cycling by the Best Western hotel in Saskatoon today. You must have been heading to Rosetown or Asquith way. We went through rosetown Mon. and there must have beenover a thousand or more mosquito’s there. I read about you in the saskatoon news paper just shortly after we saw you.Good luck on your journey. Lynn

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