Posted by: Silver | July 11, 2011

Stony Plain to St Albert

Distance: 44 km
Ascent: 256 m
Cycling time: 2 hours, 47 minutes

I’ve mentioned before that I wouldn’t be without my fairing on account of the protection it affords against wind and rain, but what I hadn’t previously appreciated is that it also makes a rather useful bumper when some idiot decides to reverse into you…

Having failed to turn left before the lights changed, the car driver in front of me at the intersection thought it would be a really good idea to reverse back behind the stop line, but – with his rear view obscured by the luggage he had piled up to the car’s roof – he obviously didn’t think it would be a really good idea to LOOK IN HIS WING MIRRORS. Fortunately, the crunching sound of his rear bumper hitting my fairing appeared to alert him to the fact that something might be amiss, and if he needed any further encouragement to stop, I’m sure that me thwacking his tailgate several times with my fist did the trick. No damage was done, to either myself or Ranger (the fairing, being made of flexible plastic, simply popped back into shape), and to be honest, the driver looked considerably more shaken up by the whole incident than I was, but I will certainly be giving cars an even wider berth at intersections in future – and possibly looking at investing in a really offensively loud air horn…

After that slightly-less-than-ideal introduction to St Albert, the rest of my stay in the city was actually very pleasant, if a little rainy. I was very happy to finally see an article about SOS Children’s Villages appear in a ‘major’ newspaper – a columnist from the Edmonton Sun wrote a very nice piece about my journey and the reason for it – but I was less happy to see that this didn’t seem to make any of the other Edmonton media any more keen to pick up on the story. Oh well, I can but try…

In other news, the ‘photo fund’ remains disappointingly stalled at $155. Please don’t feel you should refrain from contributing out of respect for my shyness – I honestly won’t mind seeing that total hit $1000, you know…

If you see trees along the side of the highway around here, it's usually 'the bush', so this planted row definitely caught my eye

Town and country: downtown Edmonton was just visible across the canola fields



  1. I should think a loud hooter/horn is a must – it can’t be so easy to shift out of the way in that sort of situation as it would be with conventional bike.

    What does $155 dollars get us? Picture of one hand waving in the distance, maybe? Come on everyone, cough up! We wanna see Silver!

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