Posted by: Silver | July 31, 2011

Blaine Lake to Wakaw

My computer is still in critical condition, hence no journey statistics, no photos and no opportunity to write a proper entry, but I just thought I’d better add a quick update for those who are interested to know where and how the journey’s going.

Since my last entry, I have been to Prince Albert, Melfort and Wakaw, giving four radio interviews, four newspaper interviews and collecting nearly $1500 for SOS Children’s Villages along the way. 🙂 I have updated the map for those of you who wish to confirm that I’m still apparently in need of a decent compass (as one person put it when he saw my route…), or who would just like to know where on earth Wakaw is…

It is slightly disheartening to see how few of you actually seem to place any value on the blog entries I’m writing though: is it worth me continuing with them, even once my computer is fixed? Let me know HERE



  1. Hey Silver,
    I love reading your blogs, you’re on an incredible mission. You are seeing more of Canada than most of us will ever see. As for donations, don’t forget you raised $500 from the Blairmore LIons and $50 from our shcool that went directly to SOS Villages, so you can add that to your goal.
    “Keep going, stay on the road”, a quote my mother used to say.
    God Bless
    Love ya

    • Hi MAM!
      Don’t worry: I haven’t forgotten the wonderful generosity of you and the Blairmore Lions! I’m keeping a separate tally of all cash and cheque donations, and at the moment, that total is almost exactly twice the online donation total, so the funds are certainly starting to flow SOS’s way 🙂 Still much more work to do though – there’s a lot of kids out there needing someone to love them!

  2. OOPS, it’s school, not shcool….silly me

  3. I don’t think donations are a fair or accurate measure of reading enjoyment for your blog. Inspiration is rarely measured in dollars. It might be argued that we can never know the extent of difference we make with our words & actions.

    That said, I understand embarking on a tremendous journey with the goal of fundraising for a cause you care deeply about. There are many friends, and some people I’ve never met, who cheer on my efforts in training for & participating in the NYC Marathon to raise money for Leary Firefighters Foundation; a few donate dollars, others give encouragement. And perhaps somewhere along the way they mention my mission to someone else. Maybe someone decides to champion a charity they’re passionate about. You’re sending out ripples, many of which create their own, new offshoots of ripples. You’ll never know where most of those ripples end up – what kind of current they created, what agents of change and inspiration they ferried ashore in their travels.

    Whenever I feel frustrated with the not-enoughness I perceive my own journey to be making, I try to redirect my focus. I take stock of all the blessings that come to me by way of this path I’ve chosen to take. I call to mind what I’ve already accomplished, I remind myself to enjoy the present moments of this wild ride I’m on. How often do we forget to celebrate ourselves as courageous & generous & adventurous for our dedication to what we love & believe in? Our hearts & dreams are mighty! Sharing them is an exercise in grace, and like all things mystical and intangible, we’ll never grasp the full power, the vast possibility, the ultimate glory.

    I could be wrong – I’m no sage or genius – but I think our job, our calling, is to just keep riding. We keep the wheels rolling, moving forward, and the rest will manifest in its own time, in its own way.

    You certainly continue to inspire me! And I find it impossible to believe I’m the only one.

    We must trust, we need to believe, that when

    • Thank you for your very thoughtful and encouraging words, Denise. I am certainly in no doubt that the value of my journey will extend far beyond the number of dollars I manage to raise for SOS Children’s Villages, indeed, far beyond just the charity itself. My concern was specifically in relation to the time I spend crafting my blog entries to be interesting and entertaining for people, and whether it was worth continuing to do so if so few people were really valuing the results. My time is unbelievably limited on this journey, so I am inevitably always having to assess which uses of it will bring SOS Children’s Villages the most benefit in terms of awareness or funds. A couple more people have already expressed their appreciation via the donations page, though, so it looks like the blog will live to fight another day for the moment at least… 🙂

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