Posted by: Silver | August 13, 2011

Double your money!

Because of the crisis in East Africa, the Canadian government is currently matching all donations made to eligible Canadian charities: put simply, that means that if you donate $25 to help the children of East Africa today, the charity actually gets $50 – at absolutely no extra cost to you! SOS Children’s Villages is one of those eligible charities, but the government offer only lasts until mid-September, so if you’ve been thinking about making a donation, but somehow just haven’t quite got round to it yet: DO IT NOW!! Click HERE, donate as much as you can, put ‘for East Africa’ in the comments box, and you’re done! Abracadabra: your donation just doubled! You don’t have to be Canadian yourself, and your donation will still count towards my fundraising total as well if you donate via my link (here), so get to it, people!! This isn’t blackmail, this isn’t guilt-tripping, this is simply a case of “Come on, how often do you get to double your money for free?!!” The magical matching won’t last for long, though, so don’t just think about it, do it!!

… No, not after supper, not tomorrow: NOW!!! 😉

(PS The new header picture is Prince Albert at sunset :-))


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