Posted by: Silver | October 18, 2011

Barrow Bay to Kincardine

Barrow Bay to Owen Sound:
Cycling distance: 45 km
Ascent: 333 m
Cycling time: 2 hours, 38 minutes

Owen Sound to Kincardine:
Distance: 84 km
Ascent: 480 m
Cycling time: 5 hours, 55 minutes

After giving a presentation to the Lion’s Head Rotary Club about SOS Children’s Villages, it was time to hit the road again, and fortunately, the drizzle was far too light to dampen my spirits as I headed out on my multi-stop journey to Owen Sound. First, I pulled into the Tim Horton’s in Wiarton (the local Timmie’s is definitely the most oft-suggested meeting place when I’m trying to get together with anyone!). Here, I had not only my scheduled meeting with the president of the local Lions Club, but also an unexpected encounter with an extremely enthusiastic teenager, who couldn’t believe his luck: as a self-confessed bike nut, he’d noticed the article about my journey in the local paper with sufficient interest to actually head up to Lion’s Head looking for me. That mission had been unsuccessful, but now here I was – pulling up outside the coffee shop he just happened to be leaving! It was really heart-warming to see someone so inspired by what I was doing – especially when he returned a little later with his Mum and a very generous donation to the cause! Thank you, Keegan, and good luck with the bike-building!

Then it was on to Shallow Lake for another Rotary meeting, where, despite having only managed to make contact with the club at the last minute, I was not only warmly welcomed into the evening’s programme, but provided with a ride into Owen Sound afterwards as well (alas, the season of being able to cycle off from an evening meeting and still make it home before dark is well and truly over…)

The ride to Kincardine provided me with a very clear indication that the season of decent weather is fast coming to an end too: the first of doubtless many winter windstorms blew off Lake Huron and into my face as I battled to keep my rain poncho from obscuring the view of my wing mirror (paved shoulders are still a rare beast round here…). The journey was made even more arduous by the knowledge that it was twice as long as I’d hoped it would be, but having failed to find anyone who was prepared to give shelter to a windswept cyclist in Port Elgin (the place I had originally hoped to go to next after Owen Sound), I had no choice but to keep going all the way to Kincardine, another 40 km further on. But at least the rain stopped mid-afternoon, and I still made it ‘home’ in time to pick up a town pin before the municipal office closed, so I reckon I did OK. 🙂

Across most of western Canada, brick-built houses were definitely the exception, but Owen Sound was full of them - and very nice-looking they were, too!

Sadly, Halloween appears to be just as commercialized up here as it is in the States...

Boiler beach, Kincardine, on the shores of Lake Huron. They left this boiler from a wrecked ship on the beach, to remind everyone of how treacherous the lake can be

'Widow's turrets' were a common feature on early houses in Kincardine: they gave sailors' wives a good view of the lake, so they could see if the returning ships were flying the flag that told of a death on board...



  1. loving the photos, as always. and the stories. thank you silver x

  2. That’s what a Widow’s Turret is? I never knew that! Thanks Silver for all the knowledge you impart on your journey across Canada. I am learning so much about my home country (and more) of which I never knew!

    All the best to you.


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