Posted by: Silver | October 23, 2011

Kincardine to Russeldale

Kincardine to Walkerton:
Distance: 54 km
Ascent: 307 m
Cycling time: 2 hours, 44 minutes

Walkerton to Palmerston:
Distance: 47 km
Ascent: 271 m
Cycling time: 2 hours, 47 minutes

Palmerston to Russeldale:
Distance: 59 km
Ascent: 234 m
Cycling time: 4 hours, 14 minutes

Sorry for the delay in posting this entry, but, well, I was too busy eating chocolate…

You see, after all the wet and windy rides just recently, plus a good many presentations about SOS Children’s Villages, almost as many media interviews, and endless hours spent in front of my computer trying to keep the whole journey organized, I suddenly remembered that even people who get paid get to take time off every now and then, so rather than spending the afternoon writing a new blog update, I decided to go and do something silly instead. Fortunately, my host in Russeldale (who also just happened to have the afternoon off) was equally up for a bit of silliness, and so we drove into Stratford (yes, on the River Avon) and did their Chocolate Trail.

The trail itself was definitely a ‘mixed bag’: some of the shops were excellent, and clearly deserved to be on any chocoholic’s itinerary (Rhéo Thompson candies and the British chocolate bars* at MacLeod’s Scottish shop come to mind), but others were quite clearly just trying to bribe people through their doors, and in my opinion had no business being on the trail in the first place (Monforte Dairy being the worst offender of the places we went to: in exchange for a ticket costing over $2.80, I was given one cracker topped with a tiny smear of goat’s cheese and a single square of chocolate. Seriously, I’ve been given more generous offerings as free samples in the past…). But with my partner in crime on hand to take numerous silly photos (none of which you get to see, of course…**), drag me into her favourite toyshop in between the chocolate shops, and generally amplify the craziness, much fun was had by all. 🙂

Now, of course, it’s back to the endless computer work again – but at least I have lots of chocolate to eat while I’m doing it… 😉 As the notice in Rhéo Thompson’s said: “If you put ‘eat chocolate’ on your daily list of things to do, you will always accomplish at least one of the things you set out to do each day”…

* yes, Flakes and Curly Wurlies count as exotic over here!

** for those of you new to the blog: there is a standing offer that I will post pictures of myself here if and only if my blog readers donate a total of $1000 to SOS Children’s Villages here… 😉

A rainbow on the way to Walkerton: fortunately, I managed to miss all of the falling water necessary for its creation

There's definitely a trend over here for turning dead tree stumps into sculptures, and this was one of the nicest I've seen - in the centre of Walkerton

A last little bit of autumn colour, in Palmerston cemetery

An excellent way to start the Chocolate Trail: caramel chocolate brownies at Coffee Culture



  1. Yummm, glad to hear you had a day off…you looked a little tired. Chocolate is good for you – Mind, body and soul!

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