Posted by: Silver | November 9, 2011

Dresden to Belle River

Dresden to Chatham:
Distance: 49 km
Ascent: 104 m
Cycling time: 2 hours, 33 minutes

Chatham to Belle River:
Distance: 44 km
Ascent: 162 m
Cycling time: 2 hours, 29 minutes

This leg of the journey certainly gave me a lot of things to be grateful for:

my first presentation to a Women’s Institute, which resulted in $250 of donations to SOS Children’s Villages – from members, and from the club itself

a tailwind to carry me to Chatham ahead of the black clouds lurking over Dresden

a very comfortable hotel room, provided by the very kind manager of the Comfort Inn in Chatham after my original host’s wife came down with the flu

a very positive meeting with more than half of the entire Chatham Lions Club, which cheered me up no end after so many Lions Clubs in southern Ontario had failed to find even a single person to meet with me

a hair trim, massage and facial, provided free of charge by the owner of the Reflections salon in Chatham, and blissfully enjoyed by my road-ravaged skin and hair

a very jolly dinner at the local Legion with my original Chatham host and some of his (doubtless many) humorous friends and relations

warm, sunny weather and quiet roads along the Thames river (not the river Thames) to Lake St Clair

a friendly (and flu-free!) host in a lovely house by the lake in Belle River, who gifted me a small and beautiful piece of her artwork as a memento of my stay

enough ‘free’ time to give Ranger the thorough cleaning and oiling that he’s needed for… urm… quite a while…


chocolate brownie cheesecake with vanilla ice cream and butterscotch sauce. 😉

I was genuinely very impressed with the Comfort Inn in Chatham, and not just because the room was free! Not only did they have a recycling box in the room, but also some rather nice decorative touches

me enjoying a rare bit of pampering, at the Reflections salon in Chatham 😉

Pumpkins are definitely big round here - in all senses of the term! This is just a tiny portion of one field I passed on my way to Belle River

Conversely, places where you can go for a walk are often rather small: this was Ruscom Shores conservation area, and it must have taken all of ten minutes to walk along the path to the observation tower. I did very much enjoy those ten minutes, though 🙂



  1. Hello, Silver,

    Last night I rode the bus from Barriere, BC to Chilliwack & it was foul weather on top of the Coquihalla with several upside down vehicles in the median & ditch. Naturally, I thought of you & meeting you on a similar trip. You planned to tackle the same route with (on I guess really) Ranger(this was last March I think)!

    I just checked up on your progress & I’m pleased to see that you’re still crazy after all this time & that things are going well.

    Congratulations on your fund raising success & all the best during your winter break. Good luck with the next leg of your journey.

    Cheers, Coralea Towler

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