Posted by: Silver | November 13, 2011

Belle River to Amherstburg

Belle River to Tecumseh:
Distance: 53 km
Ascent: 180 m
Cycling time: 3 hours, 23 minutes

Tecumseh to Amherstburg:
Distance: 47 km
Ascent: 149 m
Cycling time: 2 hours, 55 minutes

Actually, it’s considerably less than 53 km from Belle River to Tecumseh, but just because Tecumseh was basically meant to be a rest stop, it doesn’t mean I wasn’t still getting the word out about SOS Children’s Villages! So, after leaving Belle River, I first pedalled all the way into downtown Windsor for interviews with the local paper and radio station, before doubling back on myself and inadvertently taking one of the main thoroughfares of the city (Tecumseh Rd East) back out to my hosts’ house – in the middle of the rush hour. Oh well! It wasn’t actually that bad: in fact, the only potential ‘incident’ I had was when a pedestrian blithely stepped off the curb right in front of me. Fortunately, however, at least one of us was looking where we were going, so I was able to brake and avoid her without any problem…

After a good rest in Tecumseh, I was all set and ready for the nice ride down to Amherstburg: particularly nice because most of it was to be along bike paths. 🙂 What I wasn’t ready for, however, was the snow! Yes, I have now been officially anointed with the first flakes of the season! The only ‘s’ word in the forecast had been ‘sun’, so everyone was caught a little off guard, but fortunately, the shower was brief and light, and I’d already taken to packing my winter mittens and face mask in easily grabbable locations, so apart from the fact that this gave me the opportunity to conclusively prove that the anti-fogging spray for my glasses does not work, I sailed through the snow in almost perfect comfort.

And the next day, we were back to double-digit temperatures and sunshine again, so my weather luck still hasn’t quite run out…!

Heading into Windsor along the waterfront from Belle River, I saw what I think must be the greatest concentration of monster-sized status homes I've ever seen in my life!

Honestly: there were miles of them! And even the recent beating that the automotive industry - and consequently, the Windsor economy - has taken doesn't seem to have slowed their spread...

Look directly north from the Windsor waterfront and you see - the United States! Apparently, this is the only place where you can do this. As you can see, the Detroit river is still a very active shipping lane too

Windsor has made very good and attractive use of its waterfront: this was one of the sculptures in the sculpture park (which you could cycle through!), with the Ambassador Bridge in the background (apparently, the busiest border crossing in north America)

Whether I just spent too much time admiring the sculptures, I'm not sure, but contrary to my original schedule and general policy, it was getting rather dark by the time I crossed the Canard river on my way to Amherstburg. But at least it had stopped snowing!


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